Bare Bones Biology 275 – Deep Time

The corposystem is a human social system that gets its resources from the Biosystem and maintains its own emergent qualities by (among other things) the interactions among the people who drive the system. The available roles are primarily — the victims, the heroes and the villains.


If you are a part of the corposystem, and you simply want to switch roles, from victim to hero, for example, then the way to do that is to honor the corposystem code, which is growth by domination, either domination by superior power or by superior numbers. If you try to use some other method, you will be silenced as I have been, by the simple reality that people will not listen to you because you are trying to do something they do not understand. They do not understand, because other world views are not logical within the corposystem world view (growth by domination for gain). If your goal is growth within the corposystem (which is the same as growth OF the corposystem) then I would say yes that will probably work, go out and grow the system and achieve your rewards.


That is not what I want to do. What I want to do is change the system. The reason I want to change the system is because it is not sustainable. It will crash, because it has already used up the resources and is operating on money rather than real goods. So, how do we change a system?


You can’t change a system by doing more and more of whatever created the system in the first place.


Growing a system that is based on growth-by-domination will not change the system, it will only create more victims of domination, as your movie vividly demonstrates. Except the movie was created from within the corposystem world view and therefore wants you to believe that the victims are created by villains.   The victims are not PRIMARILY generated by the villains. They are crated by the corposystem world view, including the victim-villain-hero cycle that energizes that world view.


The victim/villain/hero dynamic is INSIDE the corposystem, rather like an engine is inside a car system. The dynamic keeps the system moving forward through time. The emergent dynamic is MAINTAINED by and maintains (the function of a system is to maintain itself) this dynamic. Growth by domination for gain. It is a system – a never-ending cycle. Unless we humans can use our brains to change the system, we can achieve growth and/or domination and/or gain from within the corposystem, but we cannot change the domination ethic that is abhorrent to you and to me. The way to do that – to get rid of the domination ethic — is to grow a different system that is sustainable, arises out of a different root cause and generates a different emergent ethic.


The most important root flaw in corposystem world view is the assumption that humans are separate from biological systems. It is from this false assumption that corposystem arrogance (and the male dominant abusive behaviors that we both deplore) arise.


The best biological example I can give of how to do what you want to do is the corposystem itself, and you already understand the corposystem better than I do. You have been highly successful within it, but I suspect your frustration is that your success has not changed the domination dynamic of the system. And it won’t, because your success, like all success, simply empowers the dynamic of the system within which it arises; it does not change the system.


Why should we want to change it? I mean besides the domination ethic?
Because — growth by domination for profit is not sustainable. It is physically not viable in its present environment, and the corposystem is falling apart for that reason. The system cannot maintain itself within its present environment (which is LIFE, the Biosystem). The corposystem is dying; the links are breaking and the nodes are collapsing. The corposystem (growth by domination for profit) cannot survive.


“In today’s world it is imperative that all of us learn the following core principle:

            “Human society is inextricably part of a global biotic community, and in that community human dominance has had and is having self-destructive consequences.”


William R. Catton, Jr. 1980. Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Refolutionary Change. U. Illinois Press.


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As the links and nodes fail, fall apart from each other, recombine in various new ways, the result is increasing diversity. New baby systems, one or more of which conceivaboly might be or become sustainable in our new environment. This is what the Law of Life does when systems are falling apart, as explained in the chapter one reference I gave you. It is not the corposystem separating us; it is the natural processes of the Law of Life. In times when a system is not sustainable within its environment, the Law of Life generates diversity. At times of great success and compatibility of a system within its environment, the Law of Life generates reduced diversity and more intricate specialization of the sustainable system.


At this time of stress between the unsustainable corposystem and its environment, we humans have three basic choices. Well, of course, four. We can pretend it isn’t happening and watch all our dreams go down the tubes while blaming someone else. We do not choose that one. Alternatively, we must choose between supporting the corposystem with our behaviors, or supporting the LIFE system. We cannot do both because the corposystem is physically not viable (cannot live into the future). The remaining choice is to try to generate a new system that is compatible with LIFE.


For myself, it is a more exciting idea to generate a NEW ETHIC that could be sustainable, would certainly reduce suffering, and could possibly save the future of humans on earth. The other options are not as exciting a challenge, nor as heroic a goal.


If we really want to “grow” a different system, we must begin with the facts of LIFE – not with the false assumptions inherent in the corposystem world view, because we are not separate from the Law of Life that in my opinion is the most powerful natural law in the universe. If we want to accomplish sustainable benefits, this can only be done by obeying and conforming to the Law of LIFE. The Law of LIFE revolves around life itself and how LIFE perpetuates itself by balancing the components that are essential to LIFE. Humans cannot change that fact, because unbalancing the components of LIFE kills LIFE, at least LIFE as we know and require it for our survival.


The only conceivable way we can survive is to stop believing that we can control the Law of Life. We must instead put our minds to creating a new world view that is dedicated to survival within the facts of biology – not parallel or analogous to nature because, again, that is physically impossible. There is no difference between us and nature. The only way we can survive is by using the “Powers of the Weak” to conform ourselves to the Law of Life – not to change it. We CANNOT CHANGE IT. The only thing we CAN change is our world views and our behaviors that result from our world views.







Bare Bones Biology 274 – Me

Sorry I’m so erratic lately.  Travelling, moving, hot.  And hot under the collar.


Bare Bones Biology 274 – Me



Let’s pretend that humans are not the center of the universe, that we are not omnipotent, not omniscient, and we did not create the idea of systems. Oh, really? Then how did systems get here? Some people claim that our minds generate reality, that it’s all in our heads – that we are the only reality and everything else in the universe is only a human dream.


Good grief! For three reasons.


1) It’s a metaphor, the claim that reality is all in the human perceptions. Metaphors are descriptions of things that are beyond our factual understanding. Most of everything is beyond our factual comprehension.

But the great evolution of basic science is the understanding that factual reality is more powerful than opinions, fantasies and metaphors, that the facts are the rules, and if we don’t follow the rules we die.

150917-Denny'sCloud-ASC_9631RLSs copy

2) Nevertheless, humans are still willing to kill other humans for believing in measurable facts, and a big part of why we do this is because we want to believe in a melodrama that puts us at the center of the system. We laugh at historic atrocities, such as the debate over whether or not the sun revolves the earth, and then we carelessly cause the deaths of other humans, by starvation, war, and a host of so-called “environmental diseases” that are not caused by the environment, but by our own septic wastes, and our overpopulation, that we could control – but we would rather pretend that we are at the center of reality.


In the beginning was the question, and the question was human, but if the question was human – then of course it could not have been in the beginning, because we have answered that question – the physicists have, and so have all of our origin stories, and it is clear that humans were not present in the beginning.


Therefore, humans did not invent systems; there were systems before there were humans. In fact – humans are systems, and we may as well call us evolved systems because everything from the beginning onward seems to have been created by a relationship between the laws of nature and the same processes that subsequently generated LIFE. Like, the first a “big bang,” whatever that was, created matter out of energy, and from that time forward there were processes that obeyed the laws of nature – like, gravity, positive and negative energy relationships, things orbiting around other things, and something I have not heard anyone discuss that causes systems, once they are formed, to maintain themselves for as long as possible.


This is true. The function of an evolved system is to maintain itself, and it has been true from the beginning, so it has nothing to do with whatever economists or other business persons have finally figured out. We knew this before there were economists or physicists or business persons. We just didn’t have a name for it. We called it God or nature or “the forest” or whatever words we had, if any, at whatever time we happened to notice that our environment and the processes that make it operate, are more powerful than we are, and there are rules, and if you break the rules you die.


3) It’s as true as it can be: Humans are not the center of the universe, so all of you who can’t believe that the truth is true – carry on with the barbarism caused by your fairy tales, but at least you should let the rest of us try to figure out something a little more humane that we can do to actually make life better for others, and not only for our own central selves.


After all, we do still have the same choice we always have had. We can face reality and survive, or we can play those silly “me” games and destroy the future of our own species.


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Bare Bones Biology 273 – Healthy Living in TA

Sage Coyote Farms, located in Tierra Amarilla (get your tongue around that, you anglos, or just say TA) is featured this month in Chama Valley Times, Chama, New Mexico.

Conlan and Gayle met and married a couple of years ago, and settled down on family land in the Chama River Valley, producing vegetables and meat (150718-FarmerMarket-ASC_8369RRLs    and soon an orchard) that are grown without artificially added hormones or other unnatural chemicals, first for their own use, and then sharing the excess at the Farmer’s market.

Gayle says: “While I was researching about food, personal care and cleaning products, I was also introduced to the local food movement.”

I remember Gayle from a farmers’ market in Chama a couple of years ago, and I met Conlan at the Farmers’ Market a couple of weeks ago. And the more I heard about Sage Coyote Farms, of course, the more my photographers’ finger bega150901-SageCoyote-ASC_9396RSsn to itch. So last week we went out to the farm for a visit.

That day I bought eggs from their pastured chickens, and also greens from their pampered garden. Their mixed greens enhance my new dinner regimen. I chop up a pile of greens, put them in a big glass bowl, dress with Japanese plum vinegar and mirin, and top with whatever hot food is on the menu – cooked carrots, potatoes, squash, peas, beets. Some rice and beans or other protein source and, finally, raw tomatoes and a slice of bread. An excellent one-dish meal, easy to make, and all ingredients available at Sage Coyote Farms or at your local health food store (but not quite as fresh).

The livestock at Sage Coyote Farms defi150901-SageCoyote-asc_9379RLSsnitely are not your usual “production farm” personalities. For the most part, these actually enjoy being around people, beginning with the dog challenge, and ending with the pasture-raisedpigs and yaks. They have obviously been well treated.

Organically raised animals of course help with the improvement of the entire land area, and especially the garden soil that can be enhanced over time without the addition of chemicals made from our depleting oil reserves, or deposits taken from wildlife colonies that are also rapidly being disappearing. In addition to being healthy for the eater, it is far more compassionate toward our future generations of humans when we live sustainably so that what we leave is better than we found it an150901-SageCoyote-asc_9436RLSs copyd able to support our future generations of humans in reasonable comfort. And of course, a self-sufficient life style is far more secure just for ourselves, during those frequent times when our economy is not healthy.

So, we came away from Sage Coyote Farms with admiration for the hard work done there, and for our opportunity to share the healthy food.

I’ll let the pictures continue the Sage Coyote story at, and, in case you also suffer from environmental toxins, below are  the most useful compounds I have found for keeping clean and healthy, while avoiding chemical illnesses.

List of relati150901-SageCoyote-asc_9566RSsvely safe products:


Hand soap, Zum

Clorox bleach, the original (in moderation)


Original Windex

Original Bon Ami

Alcohol for external use: internally it is a toxic chemical

“ALL” Free and Clear laundry detergent

Dishmate Free and Clear dish detergent

“Working Hands” or “working Feet” lotion

Redken clear moisture shampoo without special additives.

BAN roll-on deodorant, unscented.

Nothing with perfume

Nothing that burns or smokes

Avoid plastics, especially perfumed plastics

Or any cleaning products that contain perfume or plastic micro-scrubbers that stic in your your lungs.

Nothing else..

If you experience nausia, migraines, the draggies, or brain fog, try the new lifestyle, safe food and safe chemicals, for at least three months. If that doesn’t help you, then check out the chemicals that come to you in the air you breath and the water you drink, and especially in your place of work.

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Bare Bones Biology 272 – Woman Power

Evolution is NOT A COMPETITION. It is essentially a collaboration between a system and its environment which includes other systems functioning within a bigger, more complex system. The surviving systems are those that are of most benefit to the dominant system. Not those that kill off other systems. For example, the human body is a system that is greatly benefited by the kidney, which is a subsystem of our body and is essential to our welfare. The human body would not benefit from a competition between the kidney and the lungs. They don’t compete; they collaborate.

Homo sapiens is in deep doodoo today (in more ways than one) because we have evolved a human social system that I refer to as the corposystem, that is in open COMPETITION with the Biosystem, rather than making ourselves essential to the welfare of the Biosystem of which we are an integral part.

Similarly as the kidney is a subsystem of us, Homo sapiens is a sub-system of the living Biosystem.


Joseph Campbell has said:

         “The goal of life

is to make your heartbeat

match the beat of the universe,

to match your nature with nature.”

He is right. This is a choice for every one of us; unfortunately, most of us have chosen to align ourselves with the human corposystem (glory, fame, dominance, superiority, “leadership,” and WINNING) rather than with the universal Biosystem (wise compassion, win-win, and a vision of interacting systems working for the welfare of the whole).

As a result of our choice to compete with the Biosystem, rather than to match our nature with nature, we are now at the cutting edge of a whole set of problems, the root cause of which we refuse to acknowledge, though we know well enough the truth of it, if we were to listen to our basic science rather than to our technological prowess.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama has written:

            “If you want to get rid of painful effects, you have to get rid of their causes.”


Wisdom is: “analyzing the facts and discerning the actual situation.”

If we want our species to survive in this world, the way to do it is to understand the facts and the realities of the system within which we are trying to survive.

I began this blog five years ago pointing out to my readers that the Biosystem is a more powerful force than the corposystem. I thought the readers would just naturally understand that it is foolhardy in the extreme to take arms against a power that is infinitely greater than one’s self. Especially when it is so very much easier to collaborate toward a win-win solution. It turns out most of my readers do not understand this fact of life — especially if they were raised in the corposystem.

150902-WP-asc_9574RL2Ss copyI think these issues were arising in our recent retreat, but I think they arose in a form that grew out of our corposystem experiences and so were expressed in corposystem language, more than in the Language of Life. Is it perhaps our Biosystem power for which we seek? This is not what the corposystem teaches. We won’t find it in competition for resources (including jobs). We might find it in rebalancing the systems. “Male dominance?” What is that? Biosystem imbalance more likely. Not male dominance over women, but corposystem imbalance (power by domination) as a way of life that has created a whole set of problems the root cause of which we are taught to not question.

The bottom line is the same, but I would like to see it properly labeled so we can more consciously work toward the survival ethic.   Women and men are more likely to benefit our communal future by growing our so-called “woman power,” which tends to consider relationships among systems, rather than by emulating the so-called “male power” that in our culture tends toward domination and destruction.

In fact, now that we have “liberated” women and other traditionally “weak” populations, by teaching them how to “think like men,” (yes an actual quote from a well-intended male peer) the women seem to be sacrificing their own powers in favor of a striving after the “male-dominant ethic” of our human corposystem that operates on the basis of forced growth to accomplish domination. If that statement sounds obtuse, please consider our corposystem method of exerting power by increasing the numbers of humans relative to the amounts of resources and re-labelling that effort as “human rights.” If one already HAS the power, then this strategy is certain to enhance one’s own power by reducing the powers of others through increase of poverty and war. And that i what we are doing.

The overall question is: Do we want to be a part of the Biosystem or do we want to be a part of the corposystem? Because the two are mutually exclusive.

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Joseph Campbell quoted by Diane Osbon in,  A Joseph Campbell Companion. 1991. HarperCollins

Becoming Enlightened by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, translated, edited and read by Jeffrey Hopkins, PhD. 2009. Simon & Schuster

Powers of the Weak by Elizabeth Janeway.