Greater Evil Hath No Man

Greater evil hath no man than, by working hard to change the message of 99 percent of the scientists, thereby destroy human life on earth for his own personal gain. This is the message of the corposystem myth carried to its logical extreme. They will have won their battle against the Biosystem. They imagine themselves to be heroes.


Many of our time remember Hitler – some experienced Hitler. Not even Hitler could have done what these are doing. Willfully, eagerly, gleefully, joyfully, compassionately and without violence simply changing the message of scientific fact so that the people cannot see. And this explains better than I can say why it is NOT ENOUGH to promote the good – happiness, compassion, nonviolence. It is possible to destroy everything that we love WITHOUT violence, and keep the people happy all the way until the shit hits the fan, so long as they can make sure that the people only care about being happy and nonviolent and compassionate.

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