Bare Bones Biology 258 – Oroboros

© 2015, M. Lynn Lamoreux, PhD

To quote Dr. Sean Carroll: “Really, the reason why we devote our lives and our money to . . (basic scientific research) . . is because we want to know the answer. . . We want to discover the way the world works. . . We want to know what this nature is that we live in, what are the rules, what are the ingredients.”

He is not talking about the kind of technology that is used by our failed corporate-political-system, to generate human growth for profit.

And growth-for-profit is not the only choice that we could have made – could still make. We have all the facts/answers that we need to save ourselves from our own failed corposystem world view. We have everything necessary to grow a new social paradigm that could result in a sustainable, reasonably comfortable human presence on this earth. It is still a possible choice. It is in fact what we want and what most of us believe we are working for, but, in fact, we are not. We are not, because, while we are working very hard to help/save/support each other, we still believe in the corposystem world view, growth for profit, and we cannot change the corposystem by living it. The reason that we cannot change the corposystem from inside is because of the nature of systems (Capra and Luisi, 2014).

Evolved systems, including social systems, function to perpetuate themselves. Each system is uniquely evolved around some strategy that is successful in the world of its time. Our corposystem paradigm was successful so long as there was room to grow without harming the environment. But the environment was harmed and has changed (Butler, 2015)

Therefore, the corposystem must either stop growing or crash, and the trouble is – it’s a system and systems function to perpetuate themselves. You yourself are contributing to the maintenance of the corposystem. The only way out is to use our one unique trait among all the animals, our enormous human brain, to overcome both our instincts and our growth-for-profit corposystem.

The reality is that nothing can grow forever, and our time has come to reckon with the results of our parents’ recklessness. Growth for power or any other purpose is not sustainable on Earth and cannot150506-Witting-ASC_6732RLSs copy be perpetuated, and yet the paradigm – the toxic world view within which we have been raised and to which we are faithful – the corposystem paradigm lives on in our hearts and minds. Because it is a system, and systems have fail-safes, feedback loops, all sorts of big and small ways to maintain themselves. Otherwise they would not exist.

The corposystem exists because we support it by our behaviors. We cannot stop ourselves because we – together – or rather our behaviors, integrated, result in the emergent properties of the social entity that IS the corposystem and perpetuates the corposystem.

To grow a sustainable, reasonably comfortable human social paradigm on the living Earth, we must abandon the failed paradigm, or it will swallow us whole, like the dragon that eats itself, beginning with the tail and ending with the smile.

Above all, our new human social paradigm must conform to the requirements of nature. Why else our curiosity, our research, but to make a better life for ourselves, and how can we make a better life without understanding how LIFE functions to stay alive? All the basic sciences: physics and physiology, biochemistry and biology; all of that knowledge and indeed knowledge IS power. That power could be used (and that was my dream as a scientist) to grow a sustainable, reasonably comfortable home for human kind on a nourished and fruitful Earth.

But that is not what we are doing now. What we are doing now is using our power to try to change how LIFE functions. We can’t change how LIFE functions. LIFE is essentially an interacting web/net/being consisting of interconnected systems. Rather as you and I are composed of interconnecting systems, only more, immense and complex beyond anything that we can comprehend. And instead of trying to understand the mechanisms of the system, “the way the world works” so that we can fit ourselves suitably and sustainably into the miracle of God’s Creation – we are trying to “fix” it. We are “intervenors.”

An Intervenor, according to Jacke & Toensmeier, 2005, page 20, is a person who “stands outside an existing system and does not respect or understand how the system works. The intervenor therefore interferes in the system’s healthy functioning, sometimes unknowingly or for fun or profit, but often in an attempt to ‘fix’ perceived problems.”

Well, we can’t fix it, because it ain’t broke.” And because humans cannot change the basic laws of physics, chemistry, biology and LIFE itself.

The solution is NOT to “take charge.” The only viable solution, the only possible sustainable world view, is to find our place within the miracle of the Creation — and keep it.

We must learn to understand how the system of LIFE functions, and abandon the technological fairy tales that were taught to us by the failed human corposystem. If we want to survive within the LIFE of earth, we must grow a new communal world view based in the skills, aspirations, our inborn instincts, and the human values that are necessary to survival – not the unsustainable world view the corposystem teaches.

This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of and KEOS radio 89.1 FM in Bryan, Texas.

Sections in green have been edited out of the audio podcast because of time constraints.
A copy of the podcast is available at:



Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier. 2005. Edible Forest Gardens,Volume I: Ecological Vision and Theory for Temperate Climate Permaculture.

Fritjof Capra and Luigi Luisi. 2014. The Systems View of Life. Cambridge University Press.

Tom Butler (ed) 2015. Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot. Goff Books

Sean Carroll. 2015. The Higgs Boson and Beyond, The Great Courses

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