Dear Normals

Sound as a Crystal

By Joel Montez de Oca via Flickr Creative Commons By Joel Montez de Oca via Flickr Creative Commons

Dear Normals,

I used to be one of you.  So I get it, I do.  I wore perfume and l loved it when men wore cologne.  I used hairspray, perfumed lotion, heavily scented deodorant, and my clothes smelled “fresh” from the laundry detergent I used.  My car smelled like artificial cinnamon from the air freshener I hung.  I ate and drank what I wanted – mounds of pasta, fast food, desserts of all kinds, candy, sodas, espresso every day…and I loved it all.

If someone had tried to stop me then with facts about how I was harming myself, I imagine I would have resisted.  It would have been hard to imagine life without junk food and chemicals.  In fact, I didn’t even think of it in those terms.  I had no idea where fragrance came from.  I think I must have imagined somehow that it came…

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Bare Bones Biology 244 – Reality

“When no one listens, no one tells, and when no one tells, no one learns.”
Tibetan Proverb


Way late! Sorry to be so late this week, but we just drove from about 100 feet to 8000 feet (this requires some effort and some altitude headaches), stayed three nights in chemically contaminated motels (this requires nausea) and worked hard for 4 days.

Weather was very helpful, but upon arrival, I was not surprised to get stuck in the snowy driveway. In fact I was planning on it, ready to shovel out the deposits left at the entrance by snowplow and pull off the road. I was surprised not to find the recording equipment in the truck, and spent most of the day, between naps, rounding up a backup recording device, and practicing making th’s and s’s without my biggest front tooth — only to find no little recorder batteries, and the truck stuck in the driveway so I can’t go get some. Finally used the built-in equipment on the computer. All this I do for you.

Last week I re-posted one of my blogs on the subject of limiting factors, with the statement that we must organize our opinions around the unchangeable facts of Life if we want to save our Biosystem for future generations. Of course, that IF leaves out quite a few people. Some people do not believe the Biosystem is changing. Some don’t care much about future generations and are very happy right now, thank you. And some are just overwhelmed by the task. For the rest of us, I think we are now getting down to a place where we can discuss real issues. It doesn’t take everyone to make useful change, but, we can’t solve problems if we don’t know what they are.

My pet peeve is well meaning but wrong interpretations of the Facts of Life. And I have to hold my tongue, because people who are working inside the corposystem don’t like to discuss the downsides of anything.  Now, I believe most people have begun to realize that this is not a game we are playing with the Biosystem, it is Life itself, and so now, I think, is the time to start fine-tuning our understanding of the Law of Life. Because, how can you solve a problem that you can’t see?

(I use a capital L when speaking of Life itself. For individual lives I do not capitalize the initial letter.) The most important fact of Life is, of course, that Life does change and respond to change.  Life is able to interact with its environment in order to change in a way that will permit it to stay alive. It is the miracle of the system of Life that it can and it does change by interacting with its environment

You only need look at your own life to know that life changes. For example, wounds heal. But many of us might not realize that the ability to respond to some (but not all) changes in the environment is at the root of the Law of Life.

I define the “Law of Life” as the interacting functions of those processes and capacities that are intrinsic to Life and give Life and living things the ability to change in response to internal and environmental change.

Nonliving things do not have these capacities. The capacities include: genetics, evolution, death, levels of organization, and all those together interacting with the environment. Environment is more than, but includes, other living things and the nonliving components of Life such as water, oxygen, climate, weather, temperature and all the limiting factors that we discussed in Bare Bones Biology 243, last week
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I posted a description of the Law of Life in Bare Bones Biology 197 (
bare-bones-bio…-and-evolution/) and several following blogs, in answer to Gary’s question. Gary’s question was a very good one, but was founded on a misinterpretation based based on one little bit of the Law of Life.

If we want to save ourselves, we must learn to listen to the facts and their implications about how Life responds to changing circumstances, and how changing circumstances affect Life.

My problem, during all these 244 weeks of blogging, has been that people would much rather hear what the corposystem has to say about Life than to share information about the factual truth.

The corposystem has told me many times that I must “tailor my message to the audience” –– and at the same time, the corposystem has trained the audience –just like training a dog, using reward and punishment — to not HEAR the critically important information about how the Biosystem functions, but instead to believe in the rote and ritual generated by the corposystem itself. No surprise, it is not possible to explain and discuss these Life and Death issues while at the same time writing in the ways the corposystem wants us to write.

Indeed, the function of the corposystem is not, as you have been taught to believe, to protect us. The function of the corposystem is to protect itself, and it will proclaim whatever it wants us to believe.

It’s up to us to dig into the known facts about the Reality of Life.

So I have decided, from now on, when I find well meaning but wrong interpretations of the Facts of Life, I will speak up.

I’m starting a new series today. It will be interrupted often, by the Healhy Living series and also by the Life is Beautiful series, but when I finish the How Does it REALLY Work series I will have a book that answers the REAL questions rather than the corposystem’s delusion games.

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