Bare Bones Biology 216 – The Ends of Human Thinking

Humility based in factual reality; Reverence for the miracle that is beyond our human understanding. (Paul Woodruff, 2001, Reverence, Renewing a Forgotten Virtue). We were almost there and we blew it, and with it very likely our last chance to participate as a species in God’s miracle of creation.

With every limiting factor
that we have overcome, rather than learning more about how to survive in balance within the Creation, we have just puffed out our chest with self-important vainglory and pushed harder against the Laws of Nature that are essential to our survival. But the facts are still the facts that we cannot change. Two and Two still equals four and the function of the Creation of Life is still to maintain Life IN BALANCE – not to make us rich and powerful.

We humans can decide to change the temperature of a body of water, whether it be water in a beaker or in the entire ocean system. Or we can decide not to stop changing it, which is the same thing. This is an example of changing a phenotype, a thing (temperature of water), a node in the net of Life that is subject to and interacts with the processes of its own creation. Changing phenotypes, that’s something we “things” can do. In fact, it is our function, to be born into an environment and modify that environment in a way that benefits the whole of Life on Earth. It is a responsibility – an opportunity worthy of the Gods, or our responsibility TO the God of the Creation. The God of Life. The God that created the Law of Life. It’s our job.

Boo18-05-EarthFlowerLFlatWhat is NOT our job, and is in fact impossible, is our current effort to CHANGE the Law of Life. We can heat up water in a beaker or in the entire ocean until it changes into hydrogen and hydroxyl (
bare-bones-bio…king-in-cycles/), but we cannot change the outcomes of these actions, for two reasons at least. First, we don’t even KNOW all the outcomes, the effects on the balance of our climate for example; and second because no human force, fancy or wish can change the Laws of Thermodynamics and the systems with which they interact. In fact, in my opinion, the Laws of thermodynamics are very likely subsets of the “Law of Life” that generates and balances the complexity of Life on Earth.

Or consider the unspoken promise of the medical system — that we can defeat death. What nonsense. It’s a lose/lose effort because (a) we can’t succeed, and (b) in the effort, we are destroying the balance of our own relationship with Life — with no long-term benefit to anyone. And the primary immediate result is conflict. How much better it would be to put all that energy into growing, hand in hand with the Law of Life, a sustainable, reasonably comfortable human presence on this living Earth.

Someone told me yesterday that the environment is destroying people. Another example of the many ways in which the corposystem perpetuates its own myth. NO. It is the people who are destroying the environment that we need for our survival – as I have repeated so many times – and our place in it. When we believe ourselves to be the center of the Creation, our beliefs become twisted. We are not the center of the Creation.

Isn’t it likely that the Creation of Life, which is the environment, is a greater event than the creation of our own human species? Isn’t that why humans require religion? To remind us that we are NOT God. We can rearrange phenotypes, but we did not and cannot create Life, and very likely it was not created for our own personal aggrandizement. If we want to continue participating in the reality of Life, then we must admit that we are not God(s) and get a grip on our ego and greed and violence, so that we can align our own human ethic with the Law of God’s Creation.

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Paul Woodruff, 2001, Reverence, Renewing a Forgotten Virtue