Rule of Law

In New Mexico, or at least Santa Fe, has a fascinating policy on dogs, as I discovered during this weekend when our wheels were in the shop:

1-You can’t leave the dog in the car (well I already knew that, but there is apparently now a squadron of 30-somethings out there determined to teach me (who has been driving around with dogs in car for more than twice as long as they have been on earth, and nary a fatality or even massive discomfort) how to travel with a dog.

2-You can’t take the dog out of the car.

3-You can’t take a dog inside a food store (OK everyone knows that in the USA, though not elsewhere).

4-You can’t tie the dog outside the food store (but it’s a good way to meet cute cops).

5-You can’t keep your dog tied up (refer to the squadron of femi-s in 1 above).

6-You can’t let your dog run loose.

Now, that’s an interesting rule of law, and I can see the convenience for those who enforce. No matter what you want, there’s a law you can enforce. But what I say is:

1 – Democracy does not work on the premise that anyone can have whatever she wants. The goal is the greatest good for the greatest number — and;

2- If we all got together and discussed the issues and the REASONS for them, we could have a rule of law that does work AND, if the citizens understood the sense of the law they might even be willing to participate in upholding it.

Meanwhile, given that our current culture is based almost entirely on the exchange and circulation of MONEY, rather than the greater good, I have settled on the following:

1 – Drive into the place where I want to buy something. Look for a tree to park under.

2 – If there is no tree, remove dog from car.

3 – At this point an attendant approaches to inform you the dog must remain in the car.

4 – Point out that would be illegal and unkind. No tree to park under.

5 – Attendant insists.

6 – Explain nicely to attendant I came here to buy (whatever, some large sum, in the most recent case some expensive native trees). But of course your rules make this impossible.

7 – Put dog back in car and drive away, saving a large sum of money.

Have done this twice in NM, and both times attendant was left behind jaw dropped.

It seems to me entirely logical.

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