Bare Bones Biology 215 – Thinking in Cycles

I remember when I first learned about Yin and Yang. What comes around goes around. The “good” and the “bad” of Life. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everything has a down side (

EarthPhotoYinYangAnd I asked the question (
bare-bones-bio…g-in-questions/): “If God created Life, why not make it all good? And none of it bad?” And I thought about that for a long time. I wanted to know the real reason; not the stories told to human children not yet old enough to think.

First, as by that time I was a scientist (
bare-bones-bio…ke-a-scientist/), I thought about it factually, but the facts did not answer the question, and eventually I realized that facts are the Kindergarten of understanding. Facts are essential to our human survival. If we refuse to believe the facts, then we can only flounder in a fantastical world where our own dreams come to nothing whenever we bump up against any unchangeable reality of God’s creation. (

It is what it is, the Creation. We can’t change what it is. Of course we can change the phenotypes (find ref) and the objects (such as ourselves), and that’s part of the function of the “ objects” that are the “nodes” of the web of life – that exist at the intersections of the web of processes that IS Life. (Albert-László Barabási. 2002. Linked: The New Science of Networks. Perseus, Ca). As such we objects are not insignificant. Basically we, the “empty” things, generate the ever-changing biological environment within which the processes generated by the Law of Life function to maintain the balance of God’s Creation.

To do that well, it’s very useful to understand the facts of Life, and the gift of the scientific method helps us to know the difference between a Fact and a non-Fact. But facts are NOT about how we can change the functions of the Law of Life. We can’t change the Law. We can change the phenotypes, the objects, the way in which process expresses itself in our own level of Life, but we cannot change how the processes function to maintain the BALANCE that is the root miracle of Life (

The balance of Life is maintained by the Law of Life that creates, monitors and maintains CYCLES of Life. For example, the cycle of individual organisms (Life and Death). It IS all “good” because without it there would be no Life on Earth (ref). If we don’t like it – well, we are ignorant, uneducated children who are limited to memorizing facts but unable to understand that their functions – and the processes that create them – are the real tools of the Law of Life.

For example, the process of joining units of hydrogen and hydroxyl makes water, and when water achieves a certain temperature the process of its separation disappears the water and gives back the hydrogen and hydroxyl. Another turn of the cycle we get, again water, that is basic to all of Life on Earth. And clouds and rain, and rivers and our blood and bodies. The processes generate the thing that we are today, and the thing – all the things together — generate the environment in which the processes can respond by making more things that are suitable to maintain the whole of Life on Earth.

The System of Life contains more facts and more power than all the kingdom of man, and the Function of the Law of Life is to keep all those facts in balance within their own cycles of process and their interactions with other cycles of process. And all our objects /phenotypes/technologies cannot change the Law. It would be far better if we would stop trying – stop waging war against the Law, and put all that energy into contributing to the system of the Creation and maintenance of Life.

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