Bare Bones Biology 211 – Looking for the Right Answer

There is no right answer. There isn’t even a best answer for all time because conditions keep changing in the environment. THAT is one reason that it’s so important to discuss our decisions before we act on them. In fact this is so important that we probably still have laws requiring that we use the Precautionary Principle in our decision making, and before that we had a method for democratic decision-making, and before that we had town councils and the like, and before that we had tribes with various tribal methods of decision-making that relied on ancient wisdoms combined with discussion of one sort or another
bare-bones-bio…riginal-wisdom). Because we are a social species.

140620-canyon-ASC_9443RLSss copyThe GROUP contains the higher wisdom. The individual — in spite of the amazing arrogance of our current generations who believe they know all the answers – is relatively ignorant. It’s simple arithmatic. One brain cannot contain as much knowledge as many brains. Therefore, the best way to generate better answers is by discussion of the many brains among themselves, based in honest history and the knowledge of the difference between facts and opinions. That is why social species exist. The selective evolutionary advantage of social species is the emergence of wisdom. Wisdom is not about right answers. Wisdom arises from experience (history), knowledge (facts and opinions) and discussion. History and opinions change. Therefore, wisdom is not a right answer for all time.

Life is not about “right” answers; Life is about balance; it depends upon conditions. If we want to participate successfully in Life, we do not need CONTROL over that balance because one of the facts is we CANNOT control the fact that life is all about balance — because we live in a Biosystem that is constantly striving to maintain its balance in order to stay alive. Therefore, wisdom must also be about balance. Balance between facts that we cannot change and opinions that help us decide which of many possible answers is best in this time and place. So let’s forget about waiting around for the right answer and instead work together to grow a wise answer for the future of human kind.

Try this approach. Begin, of course, with good questions. Then put the same good questions to each major level of organization that is necessary for human welfare. You will get different right answers. We know that because we see every day people writing ignorant rants on the internet because they believe that FIGHTING over these ignorant beliefs is the only way to accomplish a sensible balance. It’s not. There is no only way, but the best way for humans, because our special talent is training our brains, is discussion.

Our good question is based on our overall long- term goal, which is to build a reasonably comfortable human presence within a healthy biosystem. Our good question for discussion is what do we need? Now we apply that question to each level of organization that is necessary or dominant in our current human social system. What do I and my family need? What does my community need? What does the corposystem need? What does the Biosystem need?

Make a diagram of the results and you will find that everyone needs everyone else, more or less, but when you get specific there are differences. For example, the corposystem believes it must have population growth or it will crash; I say population growth will CAUSE the corposystem to crash by causing irreconcilable damage to the Biosystem.

Next questions – What must we change to rebalance this particular problem? Fact – We cannot change what the Biosystem needs (which is balance), because we have no control over the basic Law of Life that determines Biosystem function. That means we must change our own minds to align with the Law of Life. And if we can’t reach a balance in ourselves between the arrogance of certainty and the irresponsibility of not participating in this serious discussion – the Biosystem will eliminate the corposystem from Life on Earth, and as we are the corposystem – that means us.

I seldom recommend PBS any more, but I suggest you watch the program I happened to catch today, entitled “Salmon,” if you want a fine example of how everything relates to everything else, and why corposystem technology should not try to over-ride biological reality.

This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of FactFictionFancy and KEOS radio, 89.1 FM, Bryan, Texas.

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