Bare Bones Biology 208 – New Ethic

I believe the corposystem is actually moving, just a little, at the bottom levels, which is where it must move if we are to make any real changes. And I see more and more people who understand that we humans have painted ourselves into a lethal corner. I see that our urgent need now, if we are to survive, is to concentrate on describing the new ethic, or world view, that we must grow if we are to save ourselves. Trying harder within the old corposystem ethic will only increase the problems that it has created.

We take it for granted, our world view. All humans do; it’s part of how our brain works. But that’s our challenge now. If we want to take responsibility for growing something really fine out of the old mess, we need to question and discuss everything we believe – especially everything that we take for granted.

140608-Canyon-ASC_9321RLSss copyThis last part, individually taking responsibility for the new ethic, I do NOT see happening. What I do see is the same old cycle and recycle of past mistakes – the yin and yang of the corposystem world view, around and around, back and forth from one extreme to another, neither extreme sustainable. It is true that more people are asking good questions, but unfortunately it seems also that more people are coming up with bad answers.

The only way to change our ethic is to discuss these ideas outside the box of the old ethic, and that is more or less what Bare Bones Biology has been doing for the past four years. But frankly what I also see is a lot of people who look right at the new ethic and do NOT SEE IT AT ALL. It is fascinating how people can listen to what is being said and not hear what is being said but simply convert it to something different that is not what was meant in the first place, but is inside of the corposystem ethic. That is one way a system (or ethic) maintains itself.

Our problems cannot be solved by converting every new idea into a different version of the same toxic corposystem ethic. It would be far better to convert the corposystem ethic into a new world view that is based in constructive communication and factual reality. We do this by growing our skills in inquiry, discussion and evaluation.

Our inquiry and evaluation should consist of comparisons. The toxic corposystem ethic is based on growth, debate, competition and dominance, either by force or by manipulation. Growth beyond balance is not an option because it unbalances all the other parts of Life. We can’t survive that. Does your new ethic espouse growth? Then it is not a new ethic, it’s the same old growth ethic, no matter how compassionate it may be. Does your new ethic involve debate, competition and domination by force or by hype or by dishonesty? Then what you are doing will empower the corposystem. Make it stronger. That is not the new ethic.

If we want to reach a common goal/vision we must overtly recognize it – and it must be: sustainable human survival within a healthy Biosystem. Otherwise humans won’t be here on earth, and whatever else we want can’t happen. Then we must at least try, individually and/or collectively, to research and discuss until we can find positive solutions to our human problems. That must be our new ethic.

I do not see us discussing anything. Dissing yes, ignoring unpleasant realities, arguing, fighting, lying in order to “win,” and trying to use human emotions to resolve problems that are not about humans but are nevertheless essential to our common goal/vision. But I do not see discussion.,

If I did see discussion — inquiry and discussion — I would be seeing the new ethic. It’s as simple as that, and anyone can do it.

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