We Don’t Know What to Do?

We often complain that we do not hear from scientists, yet I am one and I am often treated as though I am more ignorant than the most under-educated person on line. No wonder most scientists ignore the people who do not care enough to even study the problems — but only are willing to listen to more and more gossip about their own special interests. Scientists have better things to do. Most of them are trying to save humanity.

And about at this point of my thinking came into my hands one of the best summaries I have seen of our current position on the earth. So I try to share it with you and what do I get?

It’s for sale. Isn’t that a commentary on our culture! And it would probably be illegal to post it on my web site. Oh well, you can find it the old-fashioned way – in a library.


State of the Living Planet
Thomas E. Lovejoy
Sustainability: The Journal of Record. August 2013, Vol. 6, No. 4: 183-185

It’s not impossible to learn about real facts. That’s what libraries are for:

Or you can do what I am planning to do tomorrow – go to a seminar at your nearest university, where you can talk to real people who are studying real issues. I don’t know of any PUBLIC university that will actually kick you out the door if you have a genuine interest in learning something and you try to not behave like most people do on Facebook. That’s what public institutions are for. To benefit the people.

That’s why the corposystem is trying to privatize them.

Also Facebook apparently won’t post an unlinked pdf, so I haven’t yet found a way to share it with you, but I can quote what I consider to be the most important sentence in this excellent paper:

“All of that is divorced from the reality of how the planet works.”

OK, that’s my expertise. That’s what I have been trying to share for over a decade! FIRST LEARN how the system functions; if you poke at it here, what will happen over there? “First do no harm.”

If nobody cares about factual reality, but only about human snake oil and pipe dreams, then of course I am wasting my time. And so are you. It’s worse than doing nothing.

Pity the grandchildren, their legacy.