Who Are the Climate Change Deniers?

And more interesting, why are they so extreme in their views?

Maybe this will give us a hint. It’s about money and power.


This is an example human depravity — while our world is burning away — that is beyond the imagination of most simple, ordinary, not very biologically educated, ethical people.

What we can do is two-fold:

And the first is to study the biology of reality — of what is really happening –
And the second is to refuse to be victimized by scammers who tell us we should have everything we want –
And the third is, because we do have laws on the books — require that these laws be enforced in your communities.

Consider, for example, fracking, water, soil, and study – reliable sources.

But the most important is to realize that the corposystem in it’s lowest forms or in its most elevated ideals

Is crashing — right now today —
Because the people care ONLY about the people
And ignore the needs of the Biosystem
that feeds the people.

cartoon-mother, caring for four billionFood does not come from grocery stores.

It comes from the Biosystem,

and the Biosystem is dramatically changing

Because of people who play denial games

rather than join together

to work for the welfare of future generations
— of your grandchildren.

Cartoon from Mother:Caring for Nine Billion

Bare Bones Biology 188 – What Should We Do?

“We don’t know what to do.” I have claimed that this, along with a goodly number of other complaints, is an excuse. We do know what to do. We must change our culture so that it can provide a sustainable, reasonably comfortable life, for humans unto the seventh generation, or whatever generation suits your imagery. And this goal is impossible unless we recognize and defer to the survival needs of the Biosystem, even when they conflict with our human values. That’s what we must do if we really, honestly want to do something to resolve our problems.

My belief is that most of us really, deep down, do NOT want to do something to resolve our problems, because we like things the way they are. We like our own value systems that have been imprinted on our brains from birth; the corposystem tells us we “have a right” to our opinions and behaviors. We like that we can believe and do whatever we think is right, without questions. We like to believe we are more important than any other power on earth. We are not willing to challenge the corposystem programming, so we have grown up a passel of excuses to get off the hook. We don’t really want to do anything to change all that.

So my question is – which do you want. The pleasures of the corposystem life or the welfare of humans unto the seventh generation? We can not have both. If we truly care about that future generation, then in this age, our responsibility is to change our culture in such a way that humans can survive. In this age, the great obstacle to that goal is the direct conflict between the corposystem value system and Biosystem survival needs.

131121-Redwoods-ASC_7274RLThe corposystem does not want to change; it throws up obstacle after obstacle to change. And the corposystem gives us excuse after excuse, but no excuse can wipe away our obligation to the future of all sentient beings. Our human obligation remains to change our culture into one that can provide a sustainable, reasonably comfortable life, for humans on this earth unto the seventh generation.

To do that, we must defy the corposystem, and to defy the corposystem we must 1) question the human values and world views it has taught us to revere; and 2) educate ourselves through sources other than corposystem propaganda, regarding the problem(s) we face, which at root are biological; and 3) discuss these issues with other citizens of the world.

That’s mentally and emotionally very difficult; it is not what we want to do; we would much rather do something truly heroic. For some people, it’s as simple as that. We don’t want to, so we don’t. If we have a conscious, then we have an excuse.

Certainly it’s difficult. It’s probably the most difficult problem human kind has ever faced; it is a direct confrontation between human values and the survival needs of the Biosystem, and the only way we can possibly survive the conflict of interests is to examine and, if necessary, modify the way we express our human values. However, that difficulty does not change our obligation to the human future. Nothing changes our obligation to the human future. To study and learn the real facts of Life, and to discuss these facts, in view of our human values, with the other members of our human society.

131130-Bitsy-ASC_7397RLSI’m somewhat encouraged that this discussion may be under way. On my blog, below the transcript of this podcast, I will post an example — a slightly modified discussion that appeared in a Facebook group. Here we have four different opinions about the same issue, largely without the gossip, hostility or disinformation that we so often encounter. This is not a solution, but it is a real discussion. None of the comments is incorrect, and I think that is the most important point. When everyone is focused on the same goal, and each brings a different good accurate information to the mix, that’s when solutions become possible.

Lynn said – This (the BBC program that is linked above) is very good and it is true. HOWEVER, it completely ignores the requirements of the planet to stay alive so we can actually DO IT. Congratulations for presenting true facts. But we still can’t survive if we so dramatically reduce the diversity of other species on earth that the Biosystem can no longer function in the way that we need it to do — so that we can have viable soil, air and water. But in fact these data are true, and I think it’s time for ignorance to stop arguing with reality and put some effort into future viability rather than futile efforts at self-aggrandizement.

Chris said – I agree Lynn, one has to wonder what Africa will look like, ecologically speaking, with 4 billion humans living there.

I think this presentation ignores massive problems already in play, for instance the oceans are already on the verge of collapse from over fishing and its acidification will severely reduce the food we can take for human consumption. I see escalating problems with soil degradation and loss of productivity of the land from the unsustainable practice of chemiculture farming, urban sprawl and spreading dead zones in coastal waters from pollution. We can expect more desertification from climate change as growing populations burn more hydrocarbons and chop the last forests down. I predict catastrophic fresh water issues all coming to a head years before we level off the population at the predicted 11 billion that this scientist predicts.

Franco said – I humbly, but vociferously disagree with the spirit, the one sided manipulation of true facts, and the suave conclusions of the presentation or lecture !!!

The old silence about overpopulation seems to have been replaced by a crusade of latent disinformation, funded by the only people who can afford it !!! i.e. big business:— the people who need a perpetually growing population, who in turn will need all the necessities of life which they happen to be selling.

Unlike the clear message in the lecture, the world needs to:———– P A N I C !!! IT IS THE ONLY HOPE WE HAVE OF REVERSING THE CURRENT UNSTOPPABLE GROWTH OF POPULATION THAT WILL KILL US ALL !!! Things will not change if we continue to relax and do what we have been doing up to now !!!

Lynn said – Franco – I think you should realize you are talking about a presentation made by a person who very likely knows nothing at all about biology as it really does function (in common with almost everyone) and who is trying to walk the line of some psychologists’ opinions that we must maintain “hope” or we will not be able to deal with the problems. I disagree with the idea that uneducated hope will get us through this bottleneck. But my point is that the presenter is doing his best to provide real facts (as opposed to so many who are simply flailing out at fate and at each other). I try to support people who manifest the better human values even if they don’t see the big picture, because I don’t see anyone looking at the big picture. It’s always one side or another, all of them looking at the world through the miasma of human needs and wants, and ignoring the reality that it is the ecosystem that fulfills human needs and wants, and will not continue to do so if we ignore HER needs for survival. So what is the solution? There might not be a solution for individuals, but every individual dies anyhow, so for me the solution is not to panic, even though panic is called for, but to educate as best we can without causing harm to others.

When this blog was posted on Facebook, the following further response and discussion was energized:

  • Dot Bennett Good piece, but it seems as if you are saying that the key thing everyone should do is learn ecology “the needs of the Biosystem”.
    Do you think that all the other things we need to do (have less children, phase out fossil fuels, save the forests and seas etc etc), that all of those would follow from that?

Lynn Lamoreux What I actually think is that most of the people who WANT very much to help resolve the problem can’t tell what to do because they don’t know what to believe. They are already doing all those things you list above, and they still keep saying “We don’t know what to do.” I believe the reason they don’t know what to do is that they don’t understand the problem well enough. Of course these people cannot phase out fossil fuels or save the forests and seas etc. They are at home, making a living for their families and listening to the lies on TV and on the web, and so they don’t know what to do. Or in many cases they are out working as hard as they can doing something that will in fact make matters worse, but they can’t see that their own work is making the issue worse. The solution to both these problems is to a) discuss the issues with knowledgeable people and b) learn enough about biology to be able to envision the downside to everything they may be trying to do. All activities have a down side. And then decide what they can do that is better than any of the other things they can do. Political activity is essential of course, but the USA has been taken over by a toxic belief system and there is nothing short of revolution that can bring about positive change in that quarter — except of course locally, and in many parts of the country there is no way to do anything constructive, even locally, unless one has a lot of money. Too bad I didn’t know that during my working career, I could have been making money instead of trying to grow wisdom.  But wisdom is what must be added to the mix if we are to succeed, and no person, without discussion, has enough wisdom to evaluate the challenge of the current disinformation campaign.

Lynn Lamoreux PS. I would no longer equate learning the “needs of the ecosystem” with ecology, but that is another discussion. Ecology is a science, and at its best it is a source of information about how the ecosystem functions. It’s up to the people how that knowledge is applied — either to save ourselves or to (as we have been doing) destroy the balance of the Biosystem that we need for our survival. This is true of all applied knowledge, and therefore it is not a question of ecology. It is a question of what our culture chooses to do with knowledge.

Bare Bones Biology 187 – Wisdom

140120-MLK-ASC_7709RLSBitsy and I like to participate every year in the parade, walking up Martin Luther King Street, behind the big, green garbage truck, around the corner in front of the African-American Museum on Pruitt Street, and then on through downtown to the school. Bitsy loves a parade, and walking that way, with the community, brings to my mind a very simple, very important event in my life that had nothing to do with Martin Luther King, Jr. He was in college at the time. Unknown. I was in high school.

It happened during our family cross-country road trip to – I forget where, but it was someplace in the south where we stopped at the fairgrounds and climbed up high in the old wooden outdoor grandstand to watch a horse show. Special treat for me. I was one of those horse-crazy girls, very blond, very white, very shy, raised up mostly in small-town California, really not very much concerned, not even very much aware of the various colors of human complexions. That must have been – good grief — in the mid-forties, about 65 years ago, more or less.

So there I was watching the horse show in this strange place when nature called and would not be denied. So I climbed down from my perch, wandered around for quite a while and finally, unawares, ended up in the “colored” ladies’ restroom. And that’s pretty much the story. I don’t remember the details, only today the visual is photographically clear, as though those ladies have been standing still there in my head through all this time. I see a fairly long line of smiling, chattering black ladies who stopped stock still, maybe I should say shocked still, staring at me, as I went in, used the facility, and then left.

I cowered under their glare. What? I thought. What did I do wrong? Some years later I understood — those ladies – that image in my head – represents the first important realignment of my world view.

Yesterday morning I read another individual story on the web. The author claims that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., did not change white people’s lives, but only black people’s lives. That same afternoon, two of us white “girls” were brought nearly to tears talking about how Martin Luther King, Jr. changed our individual lives. Indeed he did; he changed the whole culture and we all are part of the culture.

But, you know, he didn’t do all that changing by himself. In fact I doubt he did any of it by himself. And every person, white or black or other, then or now, who spends time and effort trying to understand the wisdom of Martin Luther King’s world view, was and is a part of his legacy – changed by his wisdom, changing our own world views to be more like his, continuing to change our world.

MLK Jr was a wise young man. Sometimes we forget the wisdom; sometimes we forget his message and focus on his charisma, his courage, and character. But the measure of his legacy will be the changes we make in our own lives, not because of his charisma and courage, but because of the wisdom that he tried to leave with us.

Nobody by himself, not me, not you, not Martin Luther King Jr., nobody can save a culture. But nobody can stop us all, as individual helpers, from studying, trying to understand and talking about what he was talking about (not what we want, but his own vision), trying to live by the wisdom, and so bringing his legacy into our culture. Martin Luther King was, most importantly, a wise elder to our entire culture. He explained the vision; it’s us, his helpers on both sides of the tracks, who bring the vision to life.

Or not.

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“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anaemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”
Martin Luther King, Jr., “Where do we go from here?”


http://www.upaya.org/newsletter/view/2014/01/21#story9 Open the Newsletter. Scroll down to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “To-Do List,” by Rev. John Dear

Bare Bones Biology 186 – Freedom

130902-SimpleLife-ASC_5799RLSsMy 2013 was akin to an out-of-body experience with an equivocal ending, neither moving forward to a born-again future nor trudging back in defeat to the septic valley that spit me out.

The quest began the year before, when I finally followed my own advice and faced up to a couple of unpleasant realities, one of which I have known most of my life, I am chemically sensitive, and getting older does not make it better. But I carry on trying to prove to myself that it isn’t so. On the “special problems,” portion of the questionnaire, I always answer “none,” and end up trying to meditate in a cloud of incense; or trying to enjoy a party, or a job, or a lecture or rally, while engulfed in perfume or cigarette smoke, or breathing the air in an airplane, or an elevator, or in Houston, or Northern France, or Southern California.

I tried again in 2012 to prove that it isn’t so. And again I failed. So of course in 2013, I set out once again to disprove the reality and discovered, alas, that I am still me. Such is the weakness of woman. Finally, now, I am very sadly moving myself to a place where I don’t have to feel sick unless I really am sick.

It doesn’t help, trying to discuss chemical sensitivity with physicians or friends or colleagues, because they don’t want to believe it either. We all would much rather attribute the symptoms to stress or some kind of mental pathology. We want to see a straight line relationship between some chemical and me puking in the bathroom, or wiping my bloody nose, or – but I won’t bore you with individual symptoms because the symptoms of chemical sensitivities can be extraordinarily subtle at the lower levels of expression, possibly because it IS stress, the stress of toxic compounds coursing through one’s system. You probably have experienced some yourself and don’t know it: the dreadful draggies; food cravings I have well documented at least for my own body.

130902-Property-ASC_5848RLSThe cause of chemical sensitivities, according to one theory, is that our livers remove toxic chemicals from our blood stream; and some livers, mine for example, do not do a good job of it.

If this theory is correct, it explains, in part, the variability of symptoms, because the many unattural toxins that the liver has been unable to break down for excretion, will instead be carried throughout the body by the blood, and the resulting symptoms will tend to be generalized, diverse, cumulative and easy to blame on the victim rather than on the air she is trying to breath; and – ☺ – for the most part they go away when she removes herself from the source, unless the damage is permanent;but — ☹ — I have been able to find only one location with joyfully clean air.

On the up side, in this one place, after about 6 weeks of breathing clean air in the canyon, I did indeed feel born again. Like when I first moved to Maine; like when I first moved to Texas to escape the toxins of NYC. But because it is very cold there in the winter, and the place is off the grid and not always accessible, it’s not a good winter home.

Therefore Bitsy and I left the lovely valley of good health before we could be snowed in, and spent the rest of 2013 driving around the West, first to southern California and then north, up the coast to the middle of Oregon, and then across the mountains and high plains back to the formerly lovely Texas valley that contains my “permanent” home that is now a focal point of Tar Sands pipelines, Gulf Oil disasters, GMO crops with their heavy loads of fertilizer and plant poisons, coal fired power plants, thousands of oil wells and, more recently, fracking. When we returned “home” in December, the symptoms also returned and progressed.

So, we will be out of here ASAP, healthier but much the sadder for it, and will look for winter quarters with access to electricity and internet, for next year, near our clean-air canyon. There we will relax, enjoy doing one thing at a time, and submit to the God of Life, if not to Man and not to the corposystem.

Wishing the same for your year,


“It is with the coming of man that a vast hole seems to open in nature, a vast black whirlpool spinning faster and faster, consuming flesh, stones, soil, minerals, sucking down the lightning, wrenching power from the atom, until the ancient sounds of nature are drowned out in the cacophony of something which is no longer nature, something instead which is loose and knocking at the world’s heart, something demonic and no longer planned – escaped it may be – spewed out of nature, contending in a final giant’s game against its master.” Loren Eiseley, The Firmament of Time (1960)

“I am now fully aware of what multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS, is and how it is affecting my life and the lives of my children. I wish with all my heart that I had known 20 years ago so that I could have prevented some of the harm that has come to myself and my family. But how could I have? MCS is a hidden disorder. It is a much maligned and misunderstood disorder. To understand it, one must understand the whole evil underpinnings of our greedy commercial system. Who wants to think about that? Who wants to acknowledge that our entire way of living is toxic, built on lies and greed? That’s a real downer, right?” Quote from blog, Sound as a Crystal

081213-CanyonAnd how many of you who are reading this just don’t feel very good and you don’t even know what it feels like to feel good? So you can’t compare, and you believe it’s something wrong with yourself because nearly the entire medical community – both chemical and “naturopathic” says it is, but all you really need is real air to breath.

Read also: Poisoning our Children, Surviving in a toxic world. By Nancy Sokol Green, The Noble Press Inc.

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Bare Bones Biology 185 – Fiction

Every human person arrives with an inborn mental capacity and a phenomenal ability to integrate experience into a logical world view (https://factfictionfancy.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/). Personally, my brain seems to prefer pictures and holistic patterns rather than the details of fact or fancy. Supposedly, my kind of brain belongs in an artist, or a story-teller, rather than a scientist. And it’s true, my colleagues seem to be much more devoted to details than I. So it’s difficult to understand why I chose to become a biologist.

Maybe it’s because I also know, I feel like I have always known, that it’s better to start with real facts on the long journey of life, and use those facts to integrate one’s self into the patterns and pictures of the whole living earth. Facts are universal. Therefore, it’s safer to build one’s life around facts than around individual opinions – but only if the facts are integrated into the patterns and visions of the reality of the whole living earth. Individual facts — out of context – no. They box up our brains into one or other category with no escape – no way to join the flow of Life — as in reality it consists of the emergent confluence of billions of factoids.

Historically, story-telling has transmitted the factual wisdom of the generations – teaching behaviors that empower the communal welfare within the superior powers of the environment. On the contrary, for the most part, the stories that are raising up our children today teach behaviors that are destructive to community, and assume powers that humans do not have. Listen to Carl Sagan, an author/scientist.

“We live in an age based on science and technology with formidable powers, and if we don’t understand it, by we I mean the general public, then who is making all the decisions about science and technology that will determine what kind of future our children will be living in? Just some members of congress? There’s no more than a handful of members of congress that have any knowledge of science at all. . . This combustible combination of ignorance and power, sooner or later will blow up in our faces. Who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don’t know anything about it. And the second reason I’m worried about this is that science is more than a body of knowledge. It’s a way of thinking; a way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallability. If we are not able to ask skeptical questions — to interrogate those who tell us that something is true – to be skeptical of those in authority, then we’re up for grabs for the next charlatan political or religious supremacist that comes along. It’s a thing that Jefferson laid great stress on. It’s not enough, he said, to enshrine some rights in the constitution. The people have to be educated, and they have to practice their skepticism and their education. Otherwise, we don’t run the government. The Government runs us.”

That is why I stated, when I began this series, that I would not deal in metaphor, but in measurable facts. We surviving humans need to face the facts of life so that there may be a human future. Instead, we are hiding our heads in fictions that are not viable. Our youth have ended up believing that the facts are metaphors and the metaphors are factual.

normal_ian-symbol-danaus-plexippus copy

But today, for the first time, I am praising a work of fiction. Barbara Kingsolver, another scientist/writer with perhaps what we would traditionally consider a more feminine perspective, has written a lovely piece of fiction entitled Flight Behavior. Flight Behavior is a holistically beautiful book that is built upon biological facts and human truths that invite us to deal with life and death realities. And with skepticism and education.

And it’s a good read.

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Prof. Sagan quote is an excerpt from the Charlie Rose Show. I recommend you listen to the full version of the interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iyFw8UF85A

Flight Behavior, by Barbara Kingsolver, was published by Harper and is also available as an unabridged audio book published by Harper Audio.