Bare Bones Biology 183 – Hail Ponzi

Yes I do use Facebook, as little as possible because it is one of the more enormous of the corposystem’s methods of keeping us occupied with trivia, rather than helping our communities to grow a sustainable, reasonably pleasant life-style for the next generation. But, then, even Facebook can be used to do something worthwhile.

For example, to understand opinions of people different from ourselves. I accidentally stubbed my toe on one world-view that is so far from mine I didn’t believe it could exist in a human mind:

The statement: “No I don’t want to know more.” (about the function of the Biosystem) represents the ultimate baby-bird philosophy (feed me, I’m happy to believe whatever makes me feel good).

“Baby bird” is only one in a panel of the unproductive games ( the corposystem uses to maintain its control over a formerly more or less democratic society.

As we already know (, the function of a system is to perpetuate itself. As one way to protect itself from changing, the corposystem (defined in the same ref) encourages us to spend as much of our time as possible playing unproductive human games. When we are playing these games, we are not contributing to the most important work we could be doing for the future of humans on earth, and that is to dismantle or change the corposystem and replace it with a sustainable, nurturing environment for the generations ahead.

130629-TerritorialDays-ASC_4011RLs copyAnd what a pleasure it is to chat with like-minded folks about the evils of the corposystem that has taken over our culture. But so long as we waste time talking about how bad the corposystem is, or why other people aren’t doing what they should be doing, or how impotent (or how important) we are as individuals – so long as we are engrossed in this “aintitawful” game, we aren’t doing what WE should be doing. We are not contributing to any kind of change. The corposystem games eat up our time, our lives, without producing anything worthwhile.

But then you ask: “what can we do?” Oh yes. That’s another corposystem game. “What Can We Do?” It cycles around endlessly, because we don’t like the answer and so we ask some other person – and another, and another — rather than evaluate the answers we are given. And the answer is – ta dah — We could instead be spending this very moment talking, thinking and/or discussing how to stop wasting our time playing corposystem games.

The history of human success/progress/survival is based in the effort to understand the FACTS of life. A fact is something humans cannot change – both historical facts and functional facts, such as the laws of nature — so we don’t waste our time trying to change the unchangeable, or redoing what has already failed, in our never-ending efforts to survive. The corposystem, to save itself from changing, teaches us that there is no difference between a fact and an opinion; and the baby-birds believe it. So, again, what’s a person to do?

130629-TerritorialDays-asc_4479RLSs copyIndeed it is true that one person is very unlikely to single-handedly make a big change in a big social system. Does that mean we should give up and go with the flow? Or might it be better for those of us who believe the corposystem is an unethical, illegal, immoral Ponzi scheme, to REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CORPOSYSTEM GAMES, as the few did in Hitler’s Germany. That’s one of the things I find so impossible to believe; I remember Hitler’s generation. That we are no different boggles my mind. But — No, says the corposystem game. What’s the point of trying if you can’t win?

To which I answer, what’s the point of living by supporting an unethical illegal, immoral Ponzi scheme.

What we CAN do is stop playing the corposystem games. We can spend our time doing the fact-based research, and the behaviors, that are required to grow a sustainable, reasonably comfortable environment as our nurturing goal for the generations yet to come, rather than participate in the games that are set for us by an unethical, illegal, immoral Ponzi system.

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