Tom Dispatch

To my correspondents- I am sending this because of the introduction more than the article that follows.  This is what I mean by two things that I say now and then:

1) the corposystem has us off playing our games while it is literally taking over the world.  Our games include everything that is on facebook and all the arguments over climate change and population.  It just pokes us once in a while with a lie that will charge up the phony debate.  I’m not saying we should quit.  Just saying what is. It doesn’t even know I exist. And so — I don’t.  We have a whole young generation that I described in my email to ????? who believe that the internet belief system is real, that compassion is the only instinct, and go blank if you try to talk to them about facts.  And we are taking over YOUR ivory tower (which is why I came back to work here when I wanted to stay in Japan).

2) TomDispatch is mostly politics and I never did try to fight the monster in political form except for the occasional vote and trying to speak to voters.  I hope I did a wee bit to influence Tom to include at least the Monsanto issue and other biology comments in his blogs.  HOWEVER, Tom is one of the three people I do follow, still, if mostly to scan.  The other two are Father John Dear (now that Sister Chittister is no longer writing, for reasons I haven’t found out) and Joe Bish.  I think that is fairly well balanced, and I believe none of those people are in the employ (knowingly at least) of the corposystem gaming system.  Tom is very well informed, and I believe strongly that he is not part of the disinformation campaign.  You might be interested also in following him.  As for Scahill, that kind of hero is pretty far out of my reach.  Along with Ann Jones and a few others. On the other hand, here I am headed to Santa Fe and he says the event is sold out.  Damn.  See.  I don’t exist.  Didn’t even know about the event.


And in the meantime, the real world is so lovely and quiet and clean. Byebuy my dear.