Bare Bones Biology 173 – I Hate Most Pills

I hate pills; always have; and for some good reasons. But I haven’t talked about these kinds of problems in Bare Bones Biology because: a) The corposystem pill culture (including the full range from illegal through “natural” to technologically advanced) often does a good job on symptoms for people who need that relief. That’s a good thing; and, b) Like all good things, when carried too far, there is a bad side — a very serious threat to the Biosystem, and so symptom relief for individuals can be a danger to us all.

130911-Simple Life-ASC_5911RLSs copyI have not talked about these relationships because the biosystem keeps telling me I must not upset anyone in my 600 words a week, or the people I upset will not listen to what I am trying to say. Instead, they will spin off: a) into a debate, rather than a discussion of what to do about the danger to the life systems of earth; b) into trying to prove that I am wrong because they are right; c) into the immediate assumption that I am attacking (whatever they are good at), rather than trying to discuss community welfare.

Because in our culture we are taught to debate rather than discuss, and if we only deal in two-sided arguments, we will change the subject from a) what can we do that is best for the community, a discussion that has many sides; to b) an irrelevant dichotomous debate about individual competence. Try to talk about community welfare and you end up in a battlefield of individual ego trips.

So, probably I will upset someone, because the fact is that individual people’s symptoms may not be as important to us all as the welfare of the Biosystem. In that case a large group of people will be asking me about their “human right” to receive whatever “pills” they want. And another large group of especially younger people will be upset because – well, let’s put it this way, we somehow have come to believe that every question is a challenge that is meant to belittle other individuals rather than to solve problems.

But I do hate “pills.” Pills and sprays and pesticides and fortified cleaning solutions – I classify them all in a lump. Things the corposystem wants us to buy and apply because they claim health benefits. The first reason is that most pills are now a clear and present danger to the Biosystem. And the second is that most pills make me sick, because I am chemically sensitive. You know that. It’s why I moved out here to the boonies: cold, dark, lonely, but not sick. I am chemically sensitive – pills are chemicals.

131010-canyon-ASC_6585RLSsSo for example you once could go into a motel and get a nice clean room. Soap and water and maybe a little Clorox or vinegar; clean as a whistle, but no pets allowed. “Health care” progressed, and then you could go to a motel that was slathered in pesticides and bring the pet into the room, but then I would get sick from the pesticides. The next “improvement” in community motel health was to add a layer of perfume over the pesticides and cleaning products, and I got sicker. Today – another “advance,” on top of the perfume and the toxic cleaning products and the pesticides — the motel can and often does spray something that damages our nose so we can’t smell the poisonous pesticides or the toxic highly perfumed cleaning products, and the whole place is smell-free. And now they are advertising this stuff on TV for use in your home. They claim that is clean and healthy. And lately there have been times after I rented a motel room that I had to go out and sleep in the car. Cold, dark, lonely — sick. Bitsy was nauseous too.

Treating symptoms does not cure causes, and there is no point relieving symptoms by any method, whether it’s pills or alternative medicine or cleaning compounds, if the “pill” causes more harm than good. These issues require discussion; debate and argument do not lead to solutions.

This is Bare Bones Biology, a production of FactFictionFancy and KEOS radio 89.1, Bryan, Texas. A podcast of this program can be downloaded at:

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