Bare Bones Biology 166 – Personal Power

Two weeks ago (
bare-bones-bio…what-can-we-do?) I claimed that human life-or-death issues must be discussed, or our solutions won’t work. Then I wrote a long explanation of this that I will post on 8/29/13 at

Last week (
bare-bones-biology-165-power/) I talked about some differences between “powers of the strong” and “powers of the weak.” Usually the strong try to “win” their way using the full range of aggression methods from passive-aggressive through debates and physical battle (war). Powers of the weak are not overtly aggressive and are described in the classic book of that name by Elizabeth Janeway

130822-LittleCreel-ASC_5613RLS*s copySo what can we do who are losing the battle to grow a viable and ethical human future on this earth? We should stop thinking about aggressive fights that we can’t win, and focus on: 1) pursuing our personal mission in life, using our personal expertise or skills; and 2) working collaboratively to grow the welfare our human and biological communities. Both. Daily.

Because we do need to feel individually competent and maintain our own human values, and we cannot do this without a reasonably healthy communal environment (including welfare of the Biosystem) to live in bare-bones-biology 102 – Religion-and-science/)

As it happens, the “Greatest Generation” gave us a reasonably comfortable communal way of life. The problem is that most of us then went on to pursue our own personal values without ALSO taking responsibility for the difficult tasks that would have maintained those communities. For example, we knew then that overpopulation must be dealt with if our species is to survive; but we didn’t do enough to ensure that happened. Sooooooo complicated, I can’t cover that in 600 words, but the bottom line is that we need to work at both tasks – everyone – every day if we want to sustain human life on earth ( and the second task is more important in today’s culture because it is not on the agenda of our current corposystem – so then you say – again — but what can we DO?

130822-LittleCreel-ASC_5598RLSs copyIn terms of our current human problem, what we can do and must do on a daily basis, in addition to promoting our own value system, is to RESIST participating in the toxic beliefs and practices of our failed and failing corposystem, and PERSIST in demanding rational planning for the future generations. I can think of three examples. The first, per Oren Lyons, is discussed in bare-bones-biology 102 – Religion-and-science/

The second example is from the Hitler era, when “powerless” children responded by pouring sugar into gas tanks of the very powerful invaders. Their parents let them do this – not because they wanted to be heroes — but because it was the right thing to do for the community.

If enough people do it – it can happen. I would rather we do it BEFORE instead of AFTER we are conquered by the powerful special interests that now control our Corposystem. So how do we resist? The goal is to destroy the destructive power of the Corposystem, and to do it without using or promoting the Corposystem ethic.

The corposystem methods of controlling us include: ( Bare Bones Biology 072 – More Corposystem Games)(
a) defining what we may or may not discuss among ourselves (can’t discuss any core issue — growth or overpopulation or climate change); b) illegally causing harm to the land, the sea, the river systems, and the air, and even the gene pool of the whole Biosystem; c) withholding facts of various kinds; d) constantly tightening its hold over the education of the young through television, story telling, the internet, the school system (think Texas textbooks) and the legal system; e) the war ethic, promoting and rewarding and teaching competition of all kinds, rather than competence and cooperation, as the criteria for success.

What can we do? We can (figuratively) pour sugar onto the power of that system.

For example: a) most important, discuss or at least mention the core issues that are destroying our place in the Biosystem. Daily; (b) teach, learn and practice critical thinking skills, BOTH scientific thinking AND philosophical thinking; b) don’t compete; rather collaborate in fact-based discussion of solutions; c) honor and protect our rule of law, an example of an activity where you CAN be aggressive but don’t follow the corposystem rules; d) do not promote or participate in opinion-based propaganda or malicious gossip.

That’s what we can do; anyone can do it; and that’s enough if we would do it.

We cannot fight and win over a superior power, but the superior-power aggression methods don’t work anyhow. They never have. All they do is recycle the toxic sorts of human power trips. And there is no human power trip that can defeat the superior power of the Biosystem. The Biosystem response will be to quietly and passively CHANGE until it reaches a new kind of balance that does not include humans. That’s what WE can do that will work to change the future rather than to just repeat the victim/perp cycle over and over again. The time has come that we can grow a new kind of human social system that is based in achieving a human-friendly balance of power among ourselves and between ourselves and the Bosystem.
But we cannot do this without reducing the human population because there is no longer enough food to just wait around until we get it right; it would be better if we reduce the population in human-friendly ways, rather than wait for Armageddon. The only way to do THAT is to discuss the issue among ourselves. Frankly, I think that is the lesson that God is waiting for us to learn.

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“Much of what passes as Christianity is a negation of the Sermon on the Mount,” Gandhi said in a famous lecture to the YMCA in Ceylon in 1927. Though that still rings true, he helped Christians around the world reclaim the nonviolence of Jesus, and reminded us of the central importance of the Sermon on the Mount.

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