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I am developing an interest in the ways in which the rather few reliable, well-thought-out “reporters” on my in-mail tend to overlap each other in different (reductionist) versions of our global crisis that somehow obscures the overall causal reality and suggests we do not have the kind of problem that we do have.

For example: Population Media Center (Joe Bish) http://www.populationmedia.org has announced that today is resource overshoot DAY for this year. Pulling from my memory, I seem to recall that resource overshoot YEAR was 1997 or thereabouts. I think I got that from World Wildlife Fund Annual Report (http://www.worldwildlife.org) or from Lester Brown (http://www.earth-policy.org/) – two other good sources of relatively reliable information.

And on the same today TomDispatch published an article by Barbara Garson that suggests or seems to assume that we are in a normal economic mess (http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175738/tomgram%3A_barbara_garson%2C_how_to_become_a_part-time_worker_without_really_trying/). Even though she refers to this as a “weird economic downturn,” she speculates about recovery.

130808-ChildrenParade-ASC_5318RLSsWhat recovery? I will be very surprised if we recover at all. What ever happened to supply and demand – cause and effect? Is WalMart responsible for the fact that there are now twice as many mouths to feed (more or less) than there were when we overshot the carrying capacity of the whole earth? Or perhaps the beneficence of WalMart prices has saved some of those mouths and made the population problem worse for themselves (and everyone else) in that way. There are two sides to every action we take, and it’s time we stopped the old fable that the glass is half full. In fact, it is nearly empty, and if we don’t think about the negative sides of our behaviors, how can we recover?

Why don’t we try to publish all sides of the story in one long simplistic article so the people can understand there is one root cause to ALL our major current problems, and stop being “confused” by the apparently (but not really) “conflicting data,” and we can get together and start to build some solutions to that very simple, fatal fact of life.

If there are too many people for the amount of food – you die, and the economy along with you.


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