Ahhhhhh, mmmmmm, when did I leave? Better yet, when did I get here? I think I’ve written at least three Bare Bones Biologies, but maybe I replayed a couple in there also. The only reason I’m getting my stuff caught up is that I got washed out of the canyon by the “monsoon” and am sitting in a little cabin that has electricity.

130712-stuck-ASC_4629RLSsIt wasn’t as bad as I thought it was at the time, only my truck was mashed against a rock so that it couldn’t go forward or backward, and I had to call someone to come get me out, and my phone doesn’t work very well at all down here in the canyon, and also I didn’t know who to call.

But that was after the wild turkeys, trotting jerkily up the creekbed like roadrunners on stilts, followed by a rickety little brood, probably about three weeks old if they mature anything like chickens. I got all excited by that, and then two days later and about an 8th of a mile farther up, they all trotted right across my yard, and Bitsy got all excited.

But before that was the week of the massive problem of getting all the parts of my solar generator on my own premises, because it turns out I can’t do my work without electricity and the solar computer charger they sent me doesn’t work to charge laptops. It only charges “computer devices.” Quite a few people helped with the generator, given that it weights almost 100 pounds. The biggest part of the problem was that UPS couldn’t find the Re-Max to whom it was addressed, and I think the biggest part of that was my fault, but I haven’t so far admitted it, and nobody else has brought it up either.

So far I’ve had a cup of coffee (one hour of charging the generator) and have plugged in a computer, which seems to charge almost at the same rate as the generator, but I’m not sure the generator can do both at the same time. Probably it will work. The computer has a battery after all. And I was on my way out there to settle in to work when Ithe monsoon struck, so we blew another weekend re-aligning all our plans around that problem. It was Saturday and I didn’t know whom to call and my phone mostly doesn’t work, so I wore out a lot of phone energy on non-answers until I finally called the Chama Fire Department.

130715-Dulce-ASC_4634sI said: “I am stuck at the end of county road *** and I know it’s not your problem, but I don’t know who to call – – – – “ and the phone cut out. But – pretty soon – along came Gutierrez Wrecker, and while he was untangling my truck from his on this one-lane road I carried some things up from the house (which is at the end of the road and was just down the bear trail from where we were stuck) and eventually went back for one more load. When I was inside getting it, Bitsy pushed out the gate and disappeared, which is her best thing, disappearing. All she has to do is not move. This time she moved fast.

So I was remarkably upset, worrying that she had headed for the hills when I was trying to head out of the hills, and I checked a couple of her favorite places and then trudging over the top of the hill, back toward the truck, thinking about how to resolve THIS one, and the first thing I saw was Bitsy, sitting in the driver’s seat, laughing at me. The rescue man said she had run straight up to him, begged to be let in the cab, and then turned around and growled at him when she got in, so he just shut the door and we all drove back to town.

For those of you who have never seen real unadulterated air, here is an example, over Dulce today. Between the clouds.

Oh yes, I have finally a reason to replace my truck with a more appropriate vehicle. I will be looking for a pickup that can do long-distance highway driving with better mileage than mine, has more towing power, and four-wheel-drive. Second-hand, in excellent condition.



Dulce is the headquarters city of the Jicarillo Apache Nation

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