Dudeman on the Compassionate Earth Walk


Hey everyone! My name is Justin and I am walking with Compassionate Earth! I’m really excited about it for a bunch of reasons. I guess a lot of the time, I just kind of flow from one place to another taking in life as I go with very little direction. When walking you always have a direction– I believe I need this direction, and right now so do we all! A compassionate and sustainable direction. I have always hoped that in my life the direction I would end up walking in would be one that brought peace and compassion to those around me and to myself… and so here I am.

Now I just want to talk a bit about why I am walking, and also a little about some things that I believe and some things I want to learn.

I am walking to see the earth, to hear it. To feel what is happening, and to understand. This way I can know what I believe, and believe what I know. I am walking to share my love with the earth!! I am walking so that I will grow, because If I grow the earth grows.

I believe that the walk will generate compassionate energy for the entire earth, and that we earthlings (plants, animals, people and everything in between) are as much a part of the earth as the rocks and the oceans. I am happy to have the opportunity to participate in something like this and just want all of you to know that you can too!

I believe that the money system is intrinsically flawed and is depriving us of direct interaction with our survival needs, even making it unclear to some as to what our “needs” really are. (Food, love, peace, shelter, water, for a start. Not oil, not green paper, not decimal points.)

I believe the the corporate system is blinded by numbers, greed and profit. I think it has grown out of control concentrating the world’s resources in the hands of a few. This is increasing the suffering felt by many people, and by the Earth. This is being done with little regard for anything other than Old Might Dollar and The decimal point. Thus we end up with things like the KXL and the Tarsands.

I believe the path that our world’s majority culture is traveling down will end in disaster for us if it doesn’t change, but more importantly I believe that there is Hope!!

I don’t really KNOW any of these things, but I do believe them. As a friend recently reminded me, there is a difference between knowing in your heart and having information at your fingers, and I’d add even in your head. So I am walking compassionately, because I need to know, I want to know the earth, and the people and the problems we’re all facing.

I’ve had it drilled into my mind for most of my life, by our world culture, that the world is in fact Ours. That our industrial culture is the world. That this culture is humanity. And this is the way it was meant to be. The way it has to be. I do not believe that. I do know there have been other ways. There ARE other ways. Other peoples. Other cultures. Some of them right here in the U.S.

Many of our brothers and sisters in our earth family don’t know this– they know that this isn’t the way but think there are no other options– so am I’m walking for the people who don’t know, Myself included. I am walking hoping that after the walk there will be a little more light and that one of Us (earthlings) can illuminate another way and find another direction. (one day <3)

I Know that when this walk is over I won’t be the same as when it started and when I change the world changes just a little bit. So I’m going to put one foot in front of the other and I’m not going to stop! I am really blessed to be in a place in my life where I can do this, and I realize that not everyone can but there are lots of other things you can. You can come and walk for a little while– a day or a week even! We would love to have you along. We’re also asking for donations, which will primarily go toward feeding us walkers, so anything helps!
To contribute to our Start Some Good campaign, visit: startsomegood.com/compassionateearthwalk
To mail a check or food/supplies, address to:
The Compassionate Earth Walk
c/o The Harvest Collective
1518 Menlee Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20904
To gift via Pay Pal, address to: davidrogner@gmail.com

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