Crawford Family Farm

Now we are talking about doing something that will benefit everyone — if we can succeed in saving our ecosystem, our country and our community. The bottom line is: there will be no room for our individual desires for peace, freedom and human rights if the whole system falls apart, and as far as I can see, for the most part, we are not individually contributing to activities that will realistically save the whole system. We are trying to save the world we grew up in — not the world that can sustainably be passed to the future.

The Crawford Family Farm in Sumner Texas is threatened by the Trans Canada

It is one thing for us to recognize our obligation to contribute to the welfare of the commons (the common need of all people for the bounty of the earth, including soil, air, water and a viable climate). It is a whole different story when the profit motive of the corporate interests are using and damaging the commons for their own welfare. We not only should not contribute, we should not condone such behaviors. If we want to actually CONTRIBUTE to the commons we would be working for solar energy – not pipelines. The problem is that most people do not individually have the ability to challenge the profit motives of the corposystem.Crawford Family Farm But we can help those who do challenge these illegal and unethical behaviors, and I think anyone who claims to care about the ecosystem, the welfare of the poor, human
rights should pitch in as and when they can to help those people who are willing to take the issues to court. You do not need an event to this, but you might want to go and meet the people you are helping.
Or save the gas and the money and send it to them.

Red Arc Farm 690 CR 37500 Sumner, TX
Saturday, April 20, 2013
Gates open from 5 pm-Midnight Friday, April 19 for campers
Gates reopen Saturday at 9 am and day show starts around 11am.
Go to website for full details:

Lynn Lamoreux

Or put your attorneys in contact with him at the
Democracy School

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