Bare Bones Biology 149 – To Whom it May Concern

I have somewhat reluctantly signed your petition. My reluctance is not because the topic is unimportant, but because I dislike our political warfare of this generation that takes the form of dividing survival topics into smaller bits that seem unrelated and using them to blame the “other guy” for the problem, which is neither logical nor realistic. So, I hesitate to sign for three major reasons.

First – I can’t believe we are ignoring the men, whose future is at stake equally with the women.

130220-trees-ASC_2577LSsSecond – If we continue to escalate our arguments over the bits, I doubt we will be able to put the pieces back together. The ecosystem is one whole living thing, not a collection of separate human-specific issues. All of our food, air, water and soil are made by the ecosystem, which I believe is God’s system for the survival of all Life on earth. Our population is threatening the welfare of every corner of the ecosystem, and that affects the welfare of every living entity within the ecosystem, some of which are humans. This is by far the most important reason that we must learn our place in the whole scheme of God’s Creation. Obviously, the human world is not caring for the women and children first — now that food is running out as a result of overpopulation. Money and petitions will not change these facts unless they change the human behaviors that cause the food running out, which is too many people eating it. So I don’t anticipate that conditions for women will improve while conditions for everyone deteriorate.

What we need to do is focus on health of the ecosystem. The ecosystem is a living entity that is deathly ill at this time, and the only way to cure an illness is to remove the cause. Only by reducing the human population can we improve conditions for women and men. Too bad we can’t just agree on this – it is a fact, and facts are things we can’t change. So it would be better to stop fighting over it and face it is a fact and focus on finding a better way to resolve our relationship to the fact – better than just blaming someone else. If we want better conditions, at this point, the only way to get them is to find a method of worldwide population reduction that is better than starvation, war and climate.

However, as far as I know, I have not succeeded in convincing even one person that facing facts is the best way to solve problems, and the matter is of massive importance to every person on earth, so I will honor your way and sign your petition,

Third – I have faith in Mr. Kerry that he will carry his responsibilities responsibly.

So in one sense, on the side of logic, I feel as though I’m contributing to the uproar rather than the solution by signing this, but I also feel, on the emotional side, that whatever works is necessary and you are doing a good job maintaining a balance between logic, reality and need.

I continue to wonder of those who oppose are as (what is the word? Uncaring?) as they seem to be, or is it only that they do not have access to the logical facts – the information about how God’s Creation functions to keep itself alive. Still, we can’t resolve the problem until we are willing to work within the factual reality, so I keep trying.

I have agreed to one more try at discussing some of these relationships by “manning” a booth at Earth Day this coming April in College Station. I agreed to discuss – not to debate. Debate is war, and it’s an un-winable war when both sides are right. There is a better way.

Lynn Lamoreux

Photos by Lynn

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