Santa Rosa Trailer Park

131309-TexasHighways-ASC_2723SsBitsy lifted her head off my leg and went to sniff around the edges of her window on the passenger side of the truck. My lungs begged for more GOOD air for a good change. The sky gradually changed to a proper sky color, and, avoiding cities, we crossed over into the fresh air of New Mexico.

Next time I’ll avoid Lubbock – got lost in exact same place again, after rattling around city streets for half an hour. Amarillo, a city that I like reasonably well has been under highway construction for so long that I gave up trying to remember what lane to be in, and went via Lubbock instead. What an astonishingly illogical state is Texas. Too bad, too. Texas had everything going for it when I arrived 35 years ago. If we had carried on with Ann Richards’ responsibility to the future, instead of wallowing in yesterday’s old, dry dreams of empire that have proven over and again in human history to be not viable, we in Texas could have led the world toward a future instead of toward its destruction and I would no be driving through the chill northern air.

Anyhow, I can breath in New Mexico, especially while I am not inside an infernal machine made of metal and oil and gas with all the windows rolled up, and the trip through Billy the Kid country is mostly fresh and fine, especially if you like red dirt and blue skies. And it is quite interesting that in the absence of toxic chemicals I lose all cravings for coffee and sugar.

But it is hard work for the truck and for me on a two-lane road with a heavy side wind, and quite a few giant trucks trying to pass without blowing me off the road. I spent the time between excitements imagining Billy, who was part of that frontier dream of yesterday, riding for – well it took us three hours with a truck that has big gas tanks – and he with only a horse for transportation in a land with no grass or water in sight.

131309-SantaRosaTP-ASC_2728LSsWe arrived at the Santa Rosa Trailer Park because I already knew it was there, and we stayed for an extra day because they have fixed their internet, access is not rationed, and it’s good to take a rest day whenever possible. And there was a forecast of snow in Santa Fe, which is only about 100 miles away. An easy drive for a last day.

The Santa Rosa Trailer Park is not easy to see or find, because it is relatively quiet. It’s tucked away down from the road, and it’s the OLD road, not the new highway 40. There are more trails around the park than I have the energy to walk. And they have real dinners. I bought dinner for myself two days in a row. A record. All they lack is a dog park for Bitsy, who got bored and grumpy and curled up under the sleep bag in the 50 degree temperature. Who knows what is the chill factor in a 30 mph wind that never stops.

131309-SantaRosaTP-ASC_2725SsOh yes, we also gained an hour, which means it is either earlier or later than my body thinks it is, and I overheard someone say we are about to gain another one — or lose the first one – again – tomorrow. No wonder the children of today believe that humans control the universal empire. Or could, if we try hard enough.