Bare Bones Biology 148 – Responsibility

Bitsy and I are now wending our way toward Santa Fe again, and the first person we met was actually a donkey. We met the donkey in Gatesville. Of course, the first thing we did when we got there was go out into the large empty lot behind the trailer park, just to hang out for a while, not realizing it was full to bursting with the ultimate sticker, the Texas Sand Spur. Bitsy is too big for me to carry her out, and we were well on the way across the field, so we made slow progress, stopping step by step to pull stickers out of her feet, and we didn’t notice the donkey on the far side until we got there. He surely was keeping an eye on us. Standing between us and the herd of sheep that were his responsibility. We approached carefully, not wanting to scatter the herd in flight, and the donkey also approached carefully, of course from the other side of the fence. The sheep stood back in a fleecy front, looking nervously from their lambs to the donkey and back again. When they took a few curious steps toward Bitsy and me, the responsible donkey moved between us and the sheep until we finally took the longer road back to the trailer.

The second people we met at the next stop when we went out this morning to crack the ice off some water for our morning coffee. Because the water pipe on the trailer is broken and just pours the water all over the ground. These people are driving a honking big F350 diesel truck and pulling an even honkinger trailer from Fort Worth to California and stopping overnight at Abilene. They are the most perfectly lovely people. Retired military. Friendly and kind to a fault. But they left that diesel running for an hour or so at night and again in the morning, till I had to take myself out into the 27-degree weather to get away from the (no it is NOT the smell, it is the sickness, it is the air, it is climate change, it is LIFE ITSELF stupid).

No I didn’t say that; what good would it do. They would only assume I don’t know what I’m talking about. The fact is that I do, and these presumably responsible people, life is good for them, and they have not the slightest clue how drastically all our lives will soon be changing because they have no clue and don’t give a sh – – about paying the price for their good lives. Does it make it OK to not take any responsibility for the reality if you are perfectly lovely people? Or not to even try to have a clue?

The third people I am happy that I did not meet were screaming obscenities at the desk clerk because of something that had to do with internet access. I don’t know how old they are, but I can remember when there wasn’t even television, not to mention anything like internet, and I think we were better off. At least we learned about real things in those days. I guess depending on what you use it for – either the television or the internet – I guess if you only use it to get whatever it is that you want – and if you only want internet access – I guess I should feel sorry for people who are so devastated by the momentary loss of the most important thing in their lives and the only way they can think to solve the problem is to scream obscenities at someone who doesn’t know any more than they do about getting it.

So then I started to think about responsibility. What is responsibility?
130304-GatesvilleSheep-ASC_2670sAnd how did that Jackass come to know the answer to that question, and we don’t?

Lynn Lamoreux
Photos by Lynn

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  1. Lynn, this has got to be my favorite post by you. I love the emotion, and the humor. Great!

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