Bare Bones Biology 147 – I Believe

Human Mast Cell from The Cell Image Library - 11105-sI believe in Life.

All of Life – all living things on earth — are cells or are made of cells or require cells to stay alive. We are made of living cells, rabbits are made of living cells, trees are made of living cells.

Do you know the miracle? Do you understand that we could destroy it? I believe in Life; Life is the miracle.

Lamprometra-sp-1The miracle of Life is coded in the genes of every cell; the genes are the code that directs all the processes of physical life. Cells live and reproduce because of the genetic code that directs all the physical processes of Life as Life responds to its environment in order to stay alive. Without genes there would be no cellular processes; without processes, there would be no Life.

Amoebas are cells. They eat and digest and reproduce because the genetic code of amoebas tell them how to stay alive by eating and digesting and reproducing as amoebas. The genetic code of a rabbit makes rabbit cells and a rabbit brain that knows how to take care of rabbit babies; the genetic code of a tree makes the cells divide and replicate and arrange themselves according to the lifestyle of that tree. And how to do photosynthesis at the right time in the right place in its body, so that others may also have food. And my genetic code grew my brain and my eyes and my hands and my ego and all my emotional and spiritual qualities that make me know how to live and how to think and learn as a human organism.

I believe spirituality and compassion and fear and anger are genetically coded in every cell of every normal human person for the same reason that an amoeba knows how to digest food and a rabbit knows how to nurture its young and a tree knows how to do photosynthesis and every living thing knows how to die. So that the river of Life may continue living.

EarthPhotoThe living earth is not a rock in space. It is a miracle of Life consisting of a billion billion ongoing processes, or more, that have their roots down and down toward the core of the hot-deep earth and as high into the sky as the environment that it creates. All organized by its cumulative genetic code so that all the cells of all the amoebas and rabbits and trees know how to do the right processes at the right time. Life is not a battleground; battlegrounds are for human egos, not for Life. Life is a miracle of interacting processes, living and knowing when to die so that the river of Life processes may never stop.

I believe in Life. If Life did not exist, I would not be able to believe anything. I would not exist. Therefore I believe that Life exists. If I believe that Life exists I cannot believe that it was not created. Therefore, I believe that Life was created. If I knew HOW exactly Life was created, I would be God. I don’t even know how exactly Life exists, and neither does any other individual human person who is alive on earth today, because neither our brains nor our computers are capable of understanding a billion billion processes, or more, happening all at one time and place. And in the next time and place the processes will have changed, because the most obvious thing about Life is that it does change. Tomorrow, for Life, is different from today. What we think and do today changes how Life will be tomorrow, from the tiniest bit of life in the highest cloud in our sky to the milk in your breast that feeds the newborn world. Or not.

Lynn Lamoreux
Photos by Lynn

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