Biosystem Power/Political Power/Propaganda

Representative Woodall,
Would you please check into the following irregularity at the U.S. House when you get a chance.
Representative Fred Upton, Chairman of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee has posted a Keystone Clock on his committee website. (Link below.) The site says, “As President Continues to Delay Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline, Middle Class Struggling with 34 Consecutive Days of Rising Gas Prices.”
It appears that Representative Upton is unfamiliar with the federally mandated review process for the pipeline route. Republicans tried to force President Obama to break those rules once before and he was consequently forced to reject that earlier application.
The environmental impact statement for the new Keystone XL pipeline route has not yet been released to the public. The State Department is expected to release it soon, a step that must completed before deciding whether the pipeline is in the national interest. A U.S. federal government source and two analysts have said procedures still to come, including a likely 45-day public comment period on the environmental review, mean a final decision will not come before mid-June.
Thank you,
Pierce Hulsey