Compassionate Earth Walk

Copied below is a web posting of Shodo Spring, a Buddhist who will be walking one of the pipeline routes beginning in July.  I posted it because his statement precisely agrees with my opinions — and because I (and Bitsy hopes to come along) plan to participate in part of the walk.  If you also want to participate, go to his web site.  I added the map here.

Humans are destroying the earth, including ourselves. We are using up all the natural resources (coal, oil, water, soil, natural gas) as if they would replenish themselves – or as if there were no tomorrow. We make chemicals that make millions of us sick. Our extraction of fossil fuels (and our unnatural methods of farming) are causing climate change that has already caused catastrophic floods and droughts – and we are on track for much, much worse.

Pipelines mapKnowing this, our governments and institutions have chosen to continue extracting resources at an ever-increasing rate, to create new and more sophisticated poisons, and to ridicule or imprison those who object. The disease of our day is to see ourselves as independent and the world as a resource to consume.

In this walk, we openly announce that it is the other way around: we are part of the earth, embraced, supported, and given life by it. None of us could take a single breath without the help of the myriad beings that inhabit this planet. In doing so, we ally ourselves with millions of people who have lived in harmony with their natural communities, for centuries and millenia. We thus begin to decolonize ourselves, which is a step toward real decolonization.

  • Walking, we consciously give energy to the earth, going against the flow of constantly taking as if it were our right.
  • Meeting people, we listen to their stories and offer them love and support.
  • Entering communities, we offer our hands in service and invite dialogue and shared prayer. Where we are invited, we connect communities with resources, knowledge and skills for restoring the earth and their local economy.
  • Sharing our story, we invite everyone to leave the values of consumption and destruction, and return to membership in the community of life.
  • Living together as we travel in conscious spiritual community, we allow ourselves to be opened and healed by all these encounters and each other.

Friends of Peace

FRIENDS OF PEACE UPDATE. 02.06.13, from Alan at Friends of Peace

The protest against drone warfare last Saturday from 1:30–3:30pm was a great success. About 20 activists were present on a beautiful, sunny afternoon of about 70degrees . The crowd was impressive because it was larger than some crowds we amassed even during protests of the Iraq War! We held a large banner that read: DRONES KILL KIDS, and many participants displayed smaller signs as well. The reception we received at the busy intersection of Valley Mills and Waco Drives was almost entirely positive. Folks from Killeen and Austin joined the Waco contingent. A libertarian who shares many of our views on foreign policy joined our group. And a first in the history of Waco FOP: folks in a car stopped briefly and contributed several dollars to our cause! I’m sure all activists who participated enjoyed the time spent together and the opportunity to speak out against killing of innocent civilians done in our name.
In addition to all the motorists we reached with our message, we also had press coverage. A nearby photojournalist recorded images of the event. And a kind reporter from Channel 10 in Waco did an excellent TV news report which included video of the group and an interview with one of our members. Thus our message reached tens of thousands additional folks.
Many, many thanks to Professor Froberg who encouraged us all to do this protest, and to all the FOP activists who donated their time to this important effort.
To view images of the protest, go to :

One of the most important protests in U.S. history will happen in Washington, D.C, at Noon, Sunday, February 17 at the National Mall. A massive crowd is expected, with a march from the Mall to the White House. The goal is to convince Pres.
Obama to halt construction and operation of the pipeline. The foremost U.S. climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, has stated that if the tar sands are utilized, the greenhouse gasses produced will be enormous, and it’s essentially “game over” in the struggle to halt global warming.
I will be there in D.C. and I encourage all FOP members to do so, if possible. The Hotel Harrington is a relatively inexpensive hotel favored by activists, located just blocks from the Mall. For more information, go to:
(Please email me if you do plan to go to Washington for this action).
If you can’t attend, please call Pres. Obama and voice your opposition to this pipeline climate disaster:
(202) 456-1111.

6pm, free pizza buffet and business,
6:30 special lecture presentation by MR. ERNESTO FRAGA, publisher of the TIEMPO Newspaper
The Chicano Struggle For Justice
In light of the recent presidential election that credits the Latino vote as being pivotal in present and future elections, there is a need for a greater understanding of the Chicano struggle that paved the way for today’s realities. Chicanos have a 500 year history of struggling for justice since the Spanish conquest. Waco’s TIEMPO Newspaper is a product of the Chicano movement for self determination that has dealt with the land struggle, bringing our history into the classrooms, immigration reform, police brutality, equal representation, political prisoners, Mexico/Central America, and coalition building with other movements for generations. This presentation will bring to light what has not been heard in mainstream media and our own history books. It’s a story of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Presentation by Ernesto Fraga, publisher of TIEMPO Newspaper.
Co-Founder of Chicano newspapers of the 1960s and 70s
The Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO)
The Raza Unida Party
The Brown Berets
Committee for the Defense of Latino Immigrants
Currently National PR Chairman of Free Ramsey Muniz Committee
please mark your calendars now for this special event, and invite your friends, family, and colleagues.