Bare Bones Biology 147 – I Believe

Human Mast Cell from The Cell Image Library - 11105-sI believe in Life.

All of Life – all living things on earth — are cells or are made of cells or require cells to stay alive. We are made of living cells, rabbits are made of living cells, trees are made of living cells.

Do you know the miracle? Do you understand that we could destroy it? I believe in Life; Life is the miracle.

Lamprometra-sp-1The miracle of Life is coded in the genes of every cell; the genes are the code that directs all the processes of physical life. Cells live and reproduce because of the genetic code that directs all the physical processes of Life as Life responds to its environment in order to stay alive. Without genes there would be no cellular processes; without processes, there would be no Life.

Amoebas are cells. They eat and digest and reproduce because the genetic code of amoebas tell them how to stay alive by eating and digesting and reproducing as amoebas. The genetic code of a rabbit makes rabbit cells and a rabbit brain that knows how to take care of rabbit babies; the genetic code of a tree makes the cells divide and replicate and arrange themselves according to the lifestyle of that tree. And how to do photosynthesis at the right time in the right place in its body, so that others may also have food. And my genetic code grew my brain and my eyes and my hands and my ego and all my emotional and spiritual qualities that make me know how to live and how to think and learn as a human organism.

I believe spirituality and compassion and fear and anger are genetically coded in every cell of every normal human person for the same reason that an amoeba knows how to digest food and a rabbit knows how to nurture its young and a tree knows how to do photosynthesis and every living thing knows how to die. So that the river of Life may continue living.

EarthPhotoThe living earth is not a rock in space. It is a miracle of Life consisting of a billion billion ongoing processes, or more, that have their roots down and down toward the core of the hot-deep earth and as high into the sky as the environment that it creates. All organized by its cumulative genetic code so that all the cells of all the amoebas and rabbits and trees know how to do the right processes at the right time. Life is not a battleground; battlegrounds are for human egos, not for Life. Life is a miracle of interacting processes, living and knowing when to die so that the river of Life processes may never stop.

I believe in Life. If Life did not exist, I would not be able to believe anything. I would not exist. Therefore I believe that Life exists. If I believe that Life exists I cannot believe that it was not created. Therefore, I believe that Life was created. If I knew HOW exactly Life was created, I would be God. I don’t even know how exactly Life exists, and neither does any other individual human person who is alive on earth today, because neither our brains nor our computers are capable of understanding a billion billion processes, or more, happening all at one time and place. And in the next time and place the processes will have changed, because the most obvious thing about Life is that it does change. Tomorrow, for Life, is different from today. What we think and do today changes how Life will be tomorrow, from the tiniest bit of life in the highest cloud in our sky to the milk in your breast that feeds the newborn world. Or not.

Lynn Lamoreux
Photos by Lynn

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Biosystem Power/Political Power/Propaganda

Representative Woodall,
Would you please check into the following irregularity at the U.S. House when you get a chance.
Representative Fred Upton, Chairman of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee has posted a Keystone Clock on his committee website. (Link below.) The site says, “As President Continues to Delay Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline, Middle Class Struggling with 34 Consecutive Days of Rising Gas Prices.”
It appears that Representative Upton is unfamiliar with the federally mandated review process for the pipeline route. Republicans tried to force President Obama to break those rules once before and he was consequently forced to reject that earlier application.
The environmental impact statement for the new Keystone XL pipeline route has not yet been released to the public. The State Department is expected to release it soon, a step that must completed before deciding whether the pipeline is in the national interest. A U.S. federal government source and two analysts have said procedures still to come, including a likely 45-day public comment period on the environmental review, mean a final decision will not come before mid-June.
Thank you,
Pierce Hulsey

Around My Neighborhoods on This Day


Amelia’s Uganda Diary

Oh, the joys of trying new foods! Uganda is the place to be for that, no doubt.

Have you ever wondered what fried grasshoppers taste like? Well, they’re surprisingly tolerable and delicious! And of course, being from Texas means I have to eat everything with hot sauce.

Amelia-551867_3141577373119_1203313865_nSBLsThe hoppers are caught in swarms at night time, mostly in the region of Masaka. They provide a complete market, and people actually look forward to their return. I guess it’s one eco-friendly way of pest control. Catchers set up shop in any open field they can find. They use metal oil drums on platforms with slanted metal sheets forming a tunnel down into the drums to catch and hold the hoppers. The critters are attracted to these death traps by halogen lights which encircle the barrels. They also burn grass right in the center of the field. The hoppers come flying in towards the lights, hit the metal sheets, and fall into the drums. The next morning, street vendors come to buy them by the kilo, and pluck the wings and back legs off.

Then, it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide on buying them fresh or ready to eat. The general recipe is a few onions, some garlic and salt, lightly sauteed with a pan full of hoppers.

Being vegetarian has of course made me wonder if my snacking habits are acceptable or not, but in the meantime, while I try to work that one out, I’ll be enjoying another bag of green fried grasshoppers.

“So, if on one hand, you had an unpredictable path, that leads into a new dream, a new way of life for all of mankind. and on the other hand, you had a predictable path that leads to the slow, inevitable decline of a civilization. Which path would you choose? Thank you.”

Bare Bones Biology 145b – Power

Y’all remember the Peach Clubhouse (which is still functioning by appointment, and you might be surprised what we are up to).  We learned quite a number of important things from the Peach Clubhouse.  One is that we aren’t going to change anyone’s mind, which is really, really sad because if we collectively continue our current world view, then this generation will be responsible for the unnecessary suffering of the children of man on into the foreseeable future.

Pipelines mapPeople look at me askance when I say this.  “Dotty old ladies have a right to their opinions,” they seem to think. In any case, they don’t bother themselves to find out whether or not I know what I’m talking about (  Apparently they don’t understand that the biological laws of God and nature are what they are, and do not change according to our opinions.  That’s why we call them facts. (Romans 1:20.  “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made  . . .”)

The generation that is currently in control of our society is so ignorant of reality and so arrogantly confident in the power of its toys that they actually believe they invented systems that can compete successfully against the systems that God created. Compete with the earth

Nonsense.  Not to mention blasphemy and astronomical ignorance.  The laws of nature are natural laws – facts of life — with or without God, no matter what anyone believes or how powerful Chevron may be.

Personally, my goal is to do less harm than good on this earth, and to grow a vision of a social structure that might succeed after this one crashes.  (Yes, I know you are happy with this one, but any social structure that can’t tell the difference between a law of God and nature — and a Managing Director — will not survive on this earth.)

And because it is the responsibility of elders to share what they have learned in their long lives, therefore my goal is to figure out and share the skill-set necessary to grow a sustainable, reasonably comfortable and rewarding human lifestyle within our earth ecosystem for our future generations.

For the do-gooders who are working hard to do whatever you are working to do – all of you out there who believe that a one-track vision is enough (compassion, saving every fertilized egg, growing bigger web-based pyramid schemes, good grief, happiness) – you are wrong, and it is your responsibility to fact-check what you are doing against the needs of the ecosystem rather than the applause of the corposystem.  The requirements for contributing to a positive human social structure are that each of us take the responsibility for our fact-based education – minimally – about:

1. The basic physical requirements for the ecosystem to be healthy. Because the healthy functions of earth ecosystem give us everything we need to stay alive — soil, food energy, air, water, shelter.

2. Practical, applied compassion. Because humans require compassion to lead reasonably comfortable and rewarding lives (www:Bare BonesBiology 080-The Golden Rule).

3. A rule of law that recognizes the different and sometimes conflicting needs of different levels of life on earth — individual, population, ecosystem — and strives for the overall viable balance.

Photo from 350.orgsmallIn other words, the minimum responsibility of one human to her fellow humans is her sincere effort to learn, understand and discuss together the facts of life around the Laws of Nature, Practical Compassion, Rule of Law.   An arrogant, one-pointed meditation on whatever you already know will not resolve our current problems.  It will require study of what you do not know for us to succeed.

As for me, I’m glad that the revolutionary American Dream is not totally dead, though it has been mortified and driven underground by the corposystem and the biologically ignorant solutions proposed by the TEA party and its hangers on who fail to respect the works of God and nature that permit Life to exist on earth

This last weekend, Americans expressed themselves FOR the ecosystem 40,000 or more strong in Washington DC.  You might not hear about this on the corposystem media, so check it out on the web.

Lynn Lamoreux
Photos by Lynn


This blog is an expanded version of Bare Bones Biology radio program that will play next week on KEOS Radio, 98.1 FM, Bryan, Texas. Bare Bones Biology is a completely nonprofit project. The podcast can be downloaded at:

Recommended References

The New Testament, Romans 1:20 (“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made  . . .”)


Postdoc and M’Donna leave home.






Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Bare Bones Biology 145 – Community Education

This is the third brief discussion edited out from my conversation with Stepháne last year in Silver City.  I was lucky to meet Stepháne.  I have been saying we should discuss important issues together, but he has been doing it and studying it.  He knows how.

But before we begin I want to be clear that, in this little excerpt, Stepháne and I were not quite on track, talking about the same thing.  He was talking about the abortion controversy.  I was talking about Planned Parenthood, which the State of Texas found out last year is not an “abortion clinic,” but is primarily our most efficient low cost health care provider for women

If that sounds like a controversial or confrontational statement, it’s not meant to be. It’s just that statistic changes the argument a bit,  but for this blog, I defer to Stepháne’s discussion of the abortion issue, and I was able to find information about the dialog that he describes, which was called Public Conversations, and clearly states both sides of that issue, each from the perspective of well-informed and concerned leadership

Picture-Globe-LargerApparently based on the work of this group is an ongoing project of the same name that provides guidelines for developing a discussion group about any important topic, with an interesting new project arising out of it.  More than one actually, but this one caught my eye Below is my discussion with Stepháne:

Lynn said:  “Well, I would love to put you on the Planned Parenthood issue.  I did a study on that, and I did not see any way that they could possibly talk to each other.”

Stepháne:  “Back in the 90’s some doctors were being shot and killed.  And that caused people to feel like something’s turned terribly wrong in our debate, and now it’s become horribly violent.  These people (see above) sat down and said, something’s really disturbing here.  Let’s see if we can talk.  And they formed kind of a process where they brought people on seemingly polar opposites, and they were motivated by this crisis, that they cannot afford to have this violence.   People came together and they formed some sort of format for dialogue between people at polar opposites of this debate about abortion.  And it really caused new consideration to open up; new thought, to where it wasn’t so easy to see sides.

Lynn:  They’re not violent in Bryan.  It’s not a violent movement, but they don’t talk to each other, either.  Planned Parenthood in Bryan is a building with a fence around it, and a gate to go through.  The volunteers sit up here and escort clients in and out, and the sidewalk is here, and the protestors are on the sidewalk, and the most violent thing they are likely to do is run up to the clients, if they can, and yell at them – not yelling at them, but yelling information at them.  So I did a small study.  I didn’t do anything inside, but I got permission to talk to the volunteers and the protestors and ask their opinions.  And I wrote it all down.  They did not spout obscenities about each other.  That’s not what I asked them, for one thing.  I asked why are you doing this.  And all of the people on the volunteer group were all doing it for community reasons – for the welfare of the community.  And all the protestors were doing it for individual reasons – to save individual life.

Stepháne:  Before I got into the field of mediation over this past decade, I had been involved in nonviolent peaceful protest, organizing as an activist, and participating.  And there are some interesting things there also.  It’s different from a dialogue, but there are also aspects of communicating so that you are heard.  It appears to me that if someone is shouting at somebody going into a clinic.

Lynn:  You roll up the window, you don’t listen.

Stepháne:  If I focus and think for a moment, I want those people to hear my point of view.  Then you begin to think, well maybe shouting isn’t a very good way for me to be heard.  How else can I be heard?  People do nonviolent actions to where they are heard in a new way.

Lynn Lamoreux
Photos by Lynn

This blog is an expanded version of Bare Bones Biology radio program that will play next week on KEOS Radio, 98.1 FM, Bryan, Texas. Bare Bones Biology is a completely nonprofit project. The podcast can be downloaded at:

Questions for Discussion: You know better than I what questions we need to discuss together. The question is who how to do it and who has the courage.

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