Bare Bones Biology 141 – Dead Species Walking

We humans cannot succeed so long as we believe the Power-and-Glory is us.  Or that the corposystem is the Power-and-Glory.  That is the bottom-line reason I now concede that we are a dead species walking.  Even the kindest and best intended people I know believe that the Power-and-Glory lies within humanity, rather than beyond our ability to express or understand.*

Men-smallSo instead of honoring LIFE, we devise more and more intricate ways to imagine one so-called solution or another that – if a person just sits down and considers the result of these short-term fixes – clearly  there is no way to use them without causing further damage by further unbalancing LIFE, the whole earth ecosystem.

The bottom line cure is obvious, but the process of saving ourselves would be somewhat unpleasant and would not contribute to the ego-based culture of the corposystem that is our God. The people who might be interested in doing anything humble, rather than “heroic” — those who really want what they say they want — the common good, I guess – they are vanishingly rare in this culture.

My memoir describes my search for an organization working for the welfare of LIFE on earth that will not make things (meaning LIFE) worse (rather than better balanced). I found a lot of groups, none of which seem to envision a viable solution, even though the solution is laid out plain across the land.

I can’t cause the blind to see; I can’t even cause the blind to see me, much less help them to envision the real Power-and-Glory that always has and always would have provided us a life system within which to argue about whatever silly thing we want to argue about. It would have done this forever, in human terms — if we were not so committed fight against the LIFE system that keeps LIFE alive. Why fight? I guess, so we can “win.” Win what? We have been given everything we need.

At least I tried to serve the Power-and-Glory rather than the human ego, individual or communal. And I certainly WILL not contribute my own energy to the devastation. I will not use “sinful” methods to promote myself or to get what I want. I define “sinful” as anything that promotes an unbalance of human or ecosystem health by preying on human weakness (ego for example, or fear or anger, or even compassion, which is the current craze), or by preying on ecosystem largesse to the harm of the ecosystem (for example by wrapping every little bit of food in plastic, with zippers yet, or any one of a million other sinful behaviors that we enjoy nearly every minute of every day.)

And I will NOT use the sinful methods of the corposystem to fight against the sins of the corposystem. Corposystem style of promotion for example. Because it simply strengthens the corposystem in its war against the ecosystem.

Zoria and mesmallAnd of course time never stops, and every generation is yet more powerful – and more ignorant of the nature of power; and people continue to plan as though we have forever to wise up.

We don’t. Probably it’s time for the living earth to start over again to find a sustainable balance of living creatures that are less eager to destroy themselves and everything they touch.

And if that is the root truth or root reality, starting over again I mean, with a different set of interacting species, who am I to proclaim my higher wisdom. If “sin” is that which destroys LIFE — then of course, starting over is necessary. Rebalancing, in response to imbalance, is an immutable part of the reality of LIFE at any level. The highest level, the Power-and-Glory, must also rebalance when LIFE itself is threatened. Even if that leaves us a dead-species-walking.

Lynn Lamoreux
Photos by Lynn

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* Heinrich Zimmer quoted by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers in The Power of Myth, video:  “The best things can’t be told because they transcend thought.  The second best are misunderstood, because they are the thoughts that are supposed to refer to that which can’t be thought about, and one gets stuck with the thoughts.  The third things are what we talk about.”  And I will add we are talking about things that we know are not true as though they were, because we like what we are thinking better than we like to think about something that could actually save us.  So that can’t even be third best; it must be somewhere way down the list.