Not All Texans are Wimps*

Oil Sands Sign up to join the Mass Action and Training Camp to Stop Keystone XL on Monday, January 7th.

Please, begin to make your travel arrangements today. The training will likely be in the Nacogdoches, Texas area and we’ll be contacting you with more details soon.

SCHEDULE (Jan. 3rd – 8th):

Thursday, Jan. 3rd – Travel & Arrival

Friday, Jan. 4th – Day 1: Direct Action Training Camp
Saturday, Jan. 5th – Day 2: Direct Action Training Camp
Sunday, Jan. 6th – Day 3: Direct Action Training Camp
Monday, Jan. 7th – Mass Action to Stop Keystone XL
Tuesday, Jan. 8th – Debrief and Depart

Everyone should come prepared to camp out in the cold. If you are interested in risking arrest you must attend the Training Camp.

Questions? In the meantime if you have any questions about travel or details please email:

Together we have the power to stop this toxic tar sands pipeline!

Tar Sands Blockade

That’s the end of the TSB communication.  I’m sure you all remember Diane Wilson’s presentations to Bioneers and her books about the chemical industries and their effect on the fishing communities of South Texas less than a hundred miles from this complacent community where I have lived until they fouled he air, water and land.  Even a cat knows enough to use a litter box.  (Bitsy and I will be at the action.)

(*Let’s say a wimp is a follower who goes for the social strokes, rather than than actually fact-check the propaganda and then do what is right.)

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