We Dragged out Another Bale of Hay

The horses were delighted, and what we learned is that it takes them about two weeks to eat one bale, even though the bale is small.

During that two weeks, all kinds of progress has been made in my lifelong effort to “catch up,” whatever that is. Probably the only way to catch up is to throw it all away and start over, but then we could be accused both of irresponsibility and of wastefulness, so we keep on trying.

Maybe we should judge progress by the reduction in the numbers of bales of hay. You will be happy to hear I’m not going to list everything we accomplished in the past two weeks, but maybe you will enjoy a few of the pictures I took at the Red Wasp Movie festival. Several photographers worked the show, so you will have to go to the Face Book page, about the time the next bale of hay rolls out. There will be more photos there — and around the middle of November the next hay-bale picture I hope will not include weeds in the background that are higher than the horses, I will have elected a President, and my health will be perfect. How’s that for a plan?

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