Bare Bones Biology Cover Letter

Bare Bones Biology is a completely nonprofit project. We use the .com because we also refuse to become or behave as an integral part of the corposystem that is destroying both our lifestyles and our place in the communal life of earth.

On the other hand, the corposystem has done a magnificent job, of necessity, of squeezing on to our planet three or four billions more than the number of people the planet can feed sustainably, and temporarily avoiding the dire consequences of doing so. The corposystem has been forced to do this in response to the will of the people, so let’s not waste our time in blame placing or aintitawful when there are positive actions we could be doing, beginning with positive discussion of the collective choice we are making to destroy the planet rather than to face up to the root problem of overpopulation, and deal with it as compassionately as we possibly can.

I have today received two new examples of corposystem squeezing that I referred to above. Here are the references. One is a letter that I received from Robert Redford. I admire Robert Redford, so I don’t trash his letters. I suggest you read up on the Pebble Mine problem at:|utmccn=%28direct%29|utmcmd=%28none%29&__utmv=-&__utmk=93481629

And then I recommend the current Tomgram: Michael Klare, “Extreme Energy Means an Extreme Planet”

And then I recommend you think about the past five Bare Bones Biology blogs, particularly the first in the series at

Because the point is – if you personally have not done anything about overpopulation in the past month, then you personally have chosen, during that time, human overpopulation in preference to the welfare of our living earth ecosystem. “Doing something” means minimally, engaging in a positive discussion of the problem. “Positive” means a conversation that does NOT consist of “aint it awful” or of “aint they awful.”

It is not possible to blame the corposystem for trying to feed several billions of people more than the earth can sustainably feed, if we the people refuse to deal with OUR population problem while pretending it is someone else’s responsibility. This is our responsibility to each other and to our grandchildren, who will be directly impacted by the result of our effort or lack of effort.

This week (beginning Sunday) will kick off a new Bare Bones Biology series, on the subject of community, beginning with some perspectives about biological reality, followed by some examples of projects that I encountered during my travels that have promise of genuine community building.