Bitsy’s Dog Park Diary – 120920

And on the final day, which was very long, we left the dead Llano River, and the pleasant Junction Good Sam trailer park – excellent internet access – and drove, and drove, and drove from the arid lands into the hill country forests that now consist mostly of dead oak trees. Well, maybe not mostly, but it does grab the eye, hundreds and thousands of big beautiful old dead oaks. I would have stopped several times to take pictures, but the road was only two lanes with no shoulder. One in particular I would have taken. I noticed a big “get Obama” sign in front of a forest of mostly dead oak trees, and I remembered whoever said that Obama “wants to help the ecosystem but I will help you.” Here is this poor guy who really believes that his politician can help him — while the only thing that could REALLY help him is those dead oak trees (well, symbolically and truly, the oak trees represent the bios that is the only source of our earth, air and water). His have mostly died.

In fact it wasn’t until Johnson City, all the way through Fredericksburg, that we found a place where Bitsy could stay in the car under a tree while I ate, so we made all that long first half with no stops. Nice little friendly place with a tree out one side and another tree on the other side they changed the building rather than cut down that oak tree.

Isn’t it odd, in Silver City, a place where trees basically don’t grow without help, there were plenty of easy parking places with wonderful huge old trees hanging right over Bitsy when she was parked in the truck, while in the original forests of Texas, we drove about a hundred miles before we could find a decent place to park.

Austin is a much worse mess than the last time I tried to find my way (it’s a straight shot, but four or five lanes in each direction and my – well we give thanks to the fine mechanic in Chama who installed the extremely inadequate right side mirror that I had bought to improve upon nexttonothing.

Next time I go anywhere with the trailer it will not be anywhere near a city. It’s Google’s fault. I assumed at least some common sense. Maybe I should take the other little trailer. It drives a lot better, but it has no toilet facilities, and it turns out the trailer parks are getting uptown and some won’t take little trailers anymore. Anyhow, it was theoretically not bad at all, I didn’t get lost and I didn’t run into anyone, and the road mostly went where Google said it would — but I had to do a heads-up on one guy who was riding my right rear in spite of my signals.

As far as I can tell, Dripping Springs has been all eaten up by the beast. Too bad, was a nice little town. On the other side, the beast rages almost all the way to Elgin – well, Manor, really, but all that gorgeous agricultural earth between Manor and Elgin is mostly no more.

Someone is raising the ugliest building I’ve ever seen on the outskirts of Elgin. Why would anyone spend all the money to build a big new building that is terminally ugly? Again, no place to stop for photos.

And then it was nothing but to come home. Altogether about 8 hours driving time. On state highways, our safest speed is about 50, plus or minus, because the little trailer jumps around like a grasshopper when we aren’t on the interstates. The truck is capable of a much bigger load, but probably not such an opinionated one, and we don’t want to be in a position where the trailer drives the truck.

The Brazos and the little Brazos both have water in them, and not quite so many dead trees on this side of Austin.

We came off the Brazos River Bridge into a cloud of agricultural chemical smell – not sure what but some kind of poison – maybe a pesticide or an herbicide – and on home to the standard Bryan sunset at the Studio.

Bitsy’s been basically on leash for months, so she joyously examined her acre, but it wasn’t very long she was at the door to the truck, asking for another ride. Today we’ll see if the car still runs. Got to find internet access and the company is mad at me because I had to refuse payment to get them to finally disconnect the IN in the clubhouse. Actually they never did listen to me; it went into collection and they turned it off then – for spite I guess.

Does that make sense? It’s a strange strange world we live in, where most of the people think the corposystem makes more sense than the biosystem.