We Made It

href=”https://factfictionfancy.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/120815-socorro-asc_9943.jpg”>We are so lucky. When the clutch gave out in Socorro, right in the blind corner of the off ramp just at the signal light, there was someone came to put in a whole new clutch assembly by the next morning. And there was a $30 motel right adjacent. I didn’t know these still existed. Some irressistable smells, Bitsy got in trouble. And a grocery store across the street.

By the time the clutch gave out again on the way up the mountainside to Silver City, I knew enough to wait five or ten minutes and it would come back on. When the monster storm hit — I was sitting there waiting which is a good thing because visibility beyond the windshield did not exist. When I got to the trailer park they let me stay anyhow, even though they don’t take trailers older than 10 years. IN here is nowhere near as good as at Trailer Ranch. In fact, I rather resent having to leave, but after all this trip is for the purpose of finding a nontoxic place to live, and Santa Fe is definitely not nontoxic, no matter the deniers want to believe that their fancy is more powerful than my fact of life

And I think we spent all our money so we will have to come home end of this month (that is, after a month here, which I think will be 17th or so of next month.

Pictures are of Socorro. Sunset, sunrise and church.<a


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