St. Francis Basilica, Santa Fe


Not this picture, but the reason I took it. It reminded me so much of the miles and miles of crops that I photographed from a hilltop in Italy. But it’s not. Or is it? Does this represent not even anywhere near half of our crop of dead military personnel who have been buried in Santa Fe?

William deBuys Again

You remember of course my Bare Bones Biology and FactFictionFancy blog and radio spot about William deBuys and his book, A Great Aridness.

I was so impressed. “This guy gets it.” And can honestly express it in context. But five minutes is so short a time to express such a thing, so I gave you links to a couple of his longer podcasts.

So I expect you would like to hear more of him, and I’m pleased again to recommend his essay and also interview on TomDispatch that can be found at (click link or see below).

Another person who really gets it is Andrew Revkin, with the New York Times, who ran a book report on his column from a UT student.