Upaya 02

May I be a protector to the helpless,

A guide to those travelling the path,

A boat to those wishing to cross over;

Or a bridge or a raft.

May I be land for those requiring it,

A lamp for those in darkness,

May I be a home for the homeless,

And a servant for the world.


The Story of Change

Upaya 01

Dream within a Dream

As individuals, we cannot see how we are behaving until our American Dream explodes. We are not the good guys.

As a population of humans, we cannot see the fallacies within the corposystem dream until, and inevitably, it loses its war against the ecosystem and collapses. We are not more powerful than the nature of nature.

As dreamers, we cannot grow a better dream until we see that the old dreams are nothing more than the perennial tragedy of human behaviors, cycling and re-cycling.