Pipeline Again

Read About it here http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/06/26/bc-cartoonist-enbridge-spoof.html

A related but not connected event, another really hard choice to be made for the future, is described in the below video. If you want to hear the heart-wrenching choice described by the son of one of the Canadian executives involved with this pipeline, I recommend you listen to his whole whole testimony.

If you would rather read it, go here http://energybulletin.net/media/2012-02-23/oil-executive-sons-powerful-testimony-enbridge-northern-gateway-pipeline-joint-revi

If you just want to know his last word on the subject, this is it.

“So, if on one hand, you had an unpredictable path, that leads into a new dream, a new way of life for all of mankind. and on the other hand, you had a predictable path that leads to the slow, inevitable decline of a civilization. Which path would you choose? Thank you.”

Sometimes there are no bad guys. That does not change our responsibility to make good choices for the future.

Another not-directly-related statement of climate reality is explained by William deBuys on Bare Bones Biology this coming week. I will probably get it posted here and on http://www.barebonesbiology.com tomorrow.


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