Yes Virginia there is Smog in Santa Fe

And while I recognize that sand/dust (and formerly smoke) can be involved, the fact remains that on a clear windy day, or on a Sunday, this effect (see the clear sky above the smog and the cloud that is in the clear sky farther away and half-hidden by the smog) is absent or greatly diminished. So — not altogether bad news, we do still have clear days from time to time in Santa Fe, which unfortunately is now a major rare event in the Brazos Valley, my long lamented home. Also, the smog here is mostly from propane and car exhaust, which is unpleasant and makes the brain go blue, but doesn’t cause heart arrhythmia and passing out.

And conceivably one could get above the smog, as you can see, both because there is a top to it and there are nearby peaks that are higher than the top. We do that, when it gets real bad. But I expect the top will become higher and higher over the years until the highest city in the USA will be completely engulfed most of the time, just like my lamented homeland. It only took about ten years. Maybe 15. Time changes over time.