Diary – 120622

You have no idea how disorienting it is to spend all day trying to perfect the blogs for 3 BBBs and then come back to load up the one for this week and it seems like really, really old news, but it isn’t. It’s an elegant reading of one of Naomi Shihab Nye’s poems by someone who isn’t me – so is really nice. And in case I forgot to send them out last week, I’ll send also the previous post to anyone who prefers home delivery rather than chasing after the blog posts on the blogt. But that’s not what I’m talking about now. They will completely miss out on this one.

Do you remember the Star Trek program in which Captain Kirk was kidnapped in an effort to grow a deadly virus that he carried? It turned out the planet was TOTALLY overpopulated because people were unable to die, and it was so bad that everyone was eager to offer to die in the cause of a better future. That is also not what I’m talking about today, but if you did happen to remember that episode (or you can watch it at the Studio, it’s on the bookshelf near the TV), there is a scene where Captain Kirk is able to see out from the place where he was held – to see the reality of this overpopulated planet, and it was awesome. Rather like a herd of ghosts, all wearing white, just wafting around trying not to bump into each other. Which of course is ludicrous, because no organism can live without food and there wasn’t a square foot of land on the whole planet that they were not walking on.

Anyway, that’s not what this is about either, except that Bitsy and I went to Santa Fe Tails Doggie Day Care for her approval interview yesterday, and that’s what the dogs in there looked like. Sort of wafting listlessly around from one thing to another. Didn’t look like much fun to me. Nobody fighting, among the 50 odd dogs in there, but nobody playing, either, and the 6 or 8 attendants circulating among the dogs preventing any close clustering of interacting canines. Rather like ghosts wafting listlessly around, the attendants too. Just moving through, breaking up the clusters. You can go and watch them yourself on their web site if you wish. They are on TV all day.

Well, Bitsy had a dreadful experience at her (other) boarding kennel while I was at the workshop, so we applied for day care, made an appointment for our entry exam, and yesterday we were so nervous and apprehensive that we got there almost an hour early. They sort of poured all those dogs out of the room into an outside pen, and led Bitsy inside.

The nicest thing about all this, they aren’t doing any of the secret deals that vets like to do in back rooms. Big windows we can watch the dogs. And the big dogs can stand up and watch us. So there was Bitsy gazing about wondering where she was, and they let in a sort of medium-sized, laid-back kind of dog, and they did their nose to tail thing, and then they let in an ENORMONGOUS Great Dane that could have eyeballed me straight across without even standing up on the hind legs. I was intimidated; Bitsy thought he was cool; and then a little dog, kind of feisty terrier, and while Bitsy was trying to catch up with all the opportunities, they started letting all the other dogs in faster and faster, until they were kind of pouring them back inside from the outside pen, and then they all went into the big room, where I lost track.

Bitsy had the time of her life. She came out looking back over her shoulder. (When she came out of that other kennel for the last time, she got into the truck, and as I was getting settled she put her feet on my knee, reared up, puckered up her face and looking straight at the kennel she growled a really low mean growl that I have never before heard her do. Twice.)

We can’t possibly photograph this event for Bitsy’s Doggy Diary.

But she’s in like Flynn as soon as her medical records arrive. I think I put them in the car glove comp instead of the truck. And if you go and watch that television any day between the 12th and the 18th – I’ll be busy learning about Dogen, but you might see Bitsy there shaping up the walking ghosts into a properly organized pack.

Yesterday the smog curdled my brain and today looked to be shaping up the same, so Bitsy and I packed up the computer and drove about 5 miles up to a mountain park and worked on our little white chair in the shade. Probably if we would drive up higher, the air would be better and there would be electrical outlets so we could stay longer.

Then we went for a walk, about 50 yards and back on their LOVELY trails. I think you can go anywhere from here on the walking trails. Too bad I can’t walk. Sunday we have the local Sangha meeting, and every Monday from now there will be a slide show at Santa Fe Photographic, where I will no doubt meet people I have known in my checkered past.