Dog Park Diary 120531

OK, so finally I have some things in file folders and my checks are not likely to bounce. And it turns out tomorrow is not Saturday, which is unsettling. I was planning my day and it was the wrong one. I’ll go out and buy some food and find a book store.

Bitsy is looking quite elegant since her encounter with the poodle that left both of them so incredibly dirty that they were immediately bathed. All I had was that fancy shampoo the Nori sold to me, and so that’s what Bitsy got, which is probably best because I know it has no chemicals that give me a bad reaction. Anyhow — Bitsy is so shiny and beautiful!

And today we went to Bandelier, because of the generosity of a neighbor who had a four-day ticket remaining from their trip. Otherwise would not have gone, and it was really nice. Where we are going is down in the distance by the black spots.

I WENT ON ABOUT A MILE HIKE WAY UP AND DOWN WITH NO APPARENT ILL EFFECTS ON MY KNEES. I just keep getting better. Bitsy had to stay in the car until we then went to the famous and infamous Los Alamos, where a farmers’ market was in progress that Bitsy did get to go to. She likes Farmers’ Markets almost as well as dog parks.

Here I have been travelling all around looking for a city on top of a hill. This is quite astonishing. Right there on top. Clean air too. But the two-lane, first-gear to get up there is somewhat disturbing in the heavy traffic. And what would a horse eat?

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