Climate Change – What can we Do with No Money?

This question keeps coming up. What can we do with no money? The very most important things we can do, especially if we can afford a computer and internet access and transportation and a phone, are otherwise pretty much free, at least at the community level.

“We have to work at every level and we have to work both at mitigation (prevention) and at adaptation. We’ve got to work at the local level to make our communities more resilient for the changes that are coming no matter what we do.” William deBuys

“When you put it in the political arena, I don’t understand why it polarizes people. It’s the one thing that could unite our country to focus on the planet and the health of the earth. There’s no down side to that, and it’s not political. Why are we fighting about this?” (Mrs. Green statement when interviewing William DeBuys – podcast 05-12-12_DuBuysMiraval.mp3 on MrsGreensWorld contains both these quotes).

Now I am back here, and I will tell you why I THINK we are fighting about this. I think it is very clear the corposystem is in direct competition with the ecosystem, and in this effort the corposystem sucks up our power; the more we fight over any issue, the more it grows. The corposystem knows this. The corposystem grows its power by initiating these fights. It also teaches us,using its media and its school system, that competition will get us what we want and need. This is not true. If you study how life functions — it is not by competition, it is by BALANCE of the myriad of factors that keep life alive. Nevertheless, we, living in these false beliefs, we are feeding the power of the corposystem by our fighting, from the local level to the community level to health of the whole earth.

There is no reason to fight about any of these biological questions because whoever wins cannot change the biology. Except of course in the normal sense of rule of law. We do need to control how we behave. We do need to prevent what one attorney is characterizing as ecocide. As is always the case, it is the responsibility of the community to control the crooks, but biology is what it is, and our only hope is in conforming to our ecological biology.

To do that, we MUST understand that the ecosystem is not human; that it needs what IT NEEDS TO BE HEALTHY, and then we must conform to its needs.

Dog Park Diary 120531

OK, so finally I have some things in file folders and my checks are not likely to bounce. And it turns out tomorrow is not Saturday, which is unsettling. I was planning my day and it was the wrong one. I’ll go out and buy some food and find a book store.

Bitsy is looking quite elegant since her encounter with the poodle that left both of them so incredibly dirty that they were immediately bathed. All I had was that fancy shampoo the Nori sold to me, and so that’s what Bitsy got, which is probably best because I know it has no chemicals that give me a bad reaction. Anyhow — Bitsy is so shiny and beautiful!

And today we went to Bandelier, because of the generosity of a neighbor who had a four-day ticket remaining from their trip. Otherwise would not have gone, and it was really nice. Where we are going is down in the distance by the black spots.

I WENT ON ABOUT A MILE HIKE WAY UP AND DOWN WITH NO APPARENT ILL EFFECTS ON MY KNEES. I just keep getting better. Bitsy had to stay in the car until we then went to the famous and infamous Los Alamos, where a farmers’ market was in progress that Bitsy did get to go to. She likes Farmers’ Markets almost as well as dog parks.

Here I have been travelling all around looking for a city on top of a hill. This is quite astonishing. Right there on top. Clean air too. But the two-lane, first-gear to get up there is somewhat disturbing in the heavy traffic. And what would a horse eat?