Dog Park Diary 120528

We settle into a routine. To the dog park three times a day if we are home all day. Bitsy checks out all the smells, does her business, chases away any rabbits, and then comes to me (I’m trying to practice meditation), sits, gazes into my downcast eyes and whines for me to find another dog for her to play with. Perhaps it is a combination of my meditation and hers — this one was a doozy. She hadn’t been off the leash for two days, and when we got back to our cozy little home Bitsy required her first ever bath. Our cozy (etc) nevertheless smells vaguely of New Mexico dust whenever Bitsy sets foot inside.

We also paid off Two Bears for fixing all the plumbing in the trailer (except the toilet which was already pretty new and the hot water heater that I do not dare think about turning on). Now Two Bears has gone of to Silver City to fight the fires and I think every thing is AOK except my rear view mirrors.

And I got a little more serious about photographing cactus flowers.

Sunday evening realized that the two most important things I have written about are: levels of orgsnization and emergent properties, so I spent all morning reorganizing this blog so people can find them. I think you will now find these listed under the categories to the left,which will take you to all that I have written on the blog on that subject. It makes an interesting flow if you start in 2009 and work through. I printed them all out so I could maybe write a summary.

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