Is this not the best imagery you have ever seen? Sent by a friend in Berkeley to whom this reality is a great tragedy, and rightly so, but I think the tragedy might not be exactly where we are looking, so i answered (below).

If people would (open their eyes) to understand how the ecosystem works and how much more magnificent it is than any human achievement, and how easy it would be to avoid what we are doing to it. But in fact, that’s not how evolution works, and we are an evolutionarily unfit species. So, all through the history of earth every one and every thing has died so that life may live. That’s only tragic if one doesn’t understand the magnificence of life itself — or if one thinks man kind should be in charge. I mean except for me and you; we worked hard to make something better so it seems tragic, but evolution didn’t think it WAS better — probably because we are not a species that uses our brain to work together for the common welfare. So to those of us who tried to do that, it seems tragic because we failed to get the rest of us to come along. But because we did fail and they didn’t come along, that suggests it’s not tragic that our species self-destructs. Better than destroying every last living thing. Whatever causes the least amount of suffering.

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