The Dog Park

I’ve decided to make a new category of my posts entitled the Dog Park for photo bites that relate to our dog park here at the Trailer Ranch in Santa Fe.

Someone said this is Spanish Broom, I don’t know.

Tomorrow I’m going to look at a condo for sale for under $40,000, all you people who claim Santa Fe is impossible to live in. However, I won’t stay because yesterday already I had a sick day when the helicopters circulated overhead dropping or leaking some unknown substance that made tiny hard droplets on the truck windshield I just washed. Presumably related to the fires down south which are also issuing smoke in this direction part of the time. In its favor, however, so far only one day. But i was pretty uncomfortable; maybe partly because of all the good days I have had since leaving. I am more than ever convinced that food cravings (that would suggest obesity) have a strong base in polluted air we breathe.