Your body stays alive because you are made up of billions of cells, and most of these cells specialize in doing particular jobs that keep you alive. The kidney, for example, doesn’t just do one thing. It does at least 15 different biological functions, that are all balanced to maintain life — and for each function there is a set of cells that specialize. This is true of your entire body. The result is “resilience.” Resilience is the ability of the body to stay healthy, or to return to health.

This is also how the ecosystem stays alive. The term is biodiversity. All the different species of living things do specialized functions that keep the living earth — living, by cycling the oxygen and carbon and water and air and you know all the things we need to stay alive: soil, water, air and — biodiversity to give resilience to the life of earth.

Biodiversity is what the scientists are talking about in this video. Not the fish’s black-lung, but the food chain and the need to have many species. Too bad they don’t use the right words so we could really understand what they are talking about. Biodiversity, biodiversity, it’s not a such a big word. Surely you know diversity. Bio means living or alive or biological. Maybe it’s a big idea, being alive, but also it’s nothing more than a fact of life. It’s how things function to stay alive. Actually, it’s even more important than sex to keep ourselves alive.

OOPS, did I forget to say what biodiversity really means in this context? It means the more different species are able to survive on earth, each doing its particular biological function — the more likely it will be that all the jobs of living get done, the ecosystem stays in balance, and the whole big beautiful blue marble stays alive. That would be good for us also.

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