On a Spring Morning. Not Silent – Yet

“The ecosystem can’t be killed.”

What an ignorant, illogical thing to say.
Anything that lives, can be killed.

And worse is our joy in the killing.

Does she actually believe her personal opinion is
more powerful than factual reality? Or more what – potent than mine?

Or that she knows more about it than I do? What, by osmosis?

Or that she can help me — reassure me from the deep well of her ignorance? Or even that I would want to be reassured, knowing that we could be spending this time working to save the ecosystem, but we personally have things to do that are more fun and so we can’t be bothered with the death of life on earth? Not even now, that we have the technologies and are spending exponentially more on killing off the excess people than it would cost to give a living future to the children.

No more air, no more soil, no more food.

And besides we shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Of course the ecosystem can be killed, and I must go and work among people who know this. And who care enough to see and feel our crimes against the biosphere.

At least to try.

A monstrous crime – to care more, how I feel.