Bare Bones Biology 103 – God and Creation

Here I am ahead of myself, giving you the transcropt now for next week’s Bare Bones Biology, because they do go together under the topic of religion and science. Where oh where did we ever get the idea that we must choose. I don’t know any basic scientists who believe they must choose between religion and science. Certainly there is nothing scientific proves that humans are omnipotent or omniscient. We have shown in overabundance our ability to function neither rationally nor effectively in our efforts to improve on the way things already were functioning very effectively. So the point is that BBB 102 is certainly a slice of reality as can be easily shown mathematically; that is no reason to doubt the wisdom of BBB 103, below. Probably, if we want to build a truly better human presence, we will have to consider both and find a way to make the work together.

Bare Bones Biology 103 – God and Creation

One of the very best concepts of creation that I have ever read – I love the first part of Genesis in King James version, but let me read this one for you today:

“According to Christianity, every creation in nature is something that was created for or given to us by God. That is the perfect idea of giving. But if you think that God creaed man, and that you are somehow separate from God, you are liable to think that you have the ability to create something separate. Something not given by Him. For instance, we create airplanes and highways. And when we repeat ‘I create, I create, I create,” soon we forget who is actually the Big I (he says Big I when he means God or the universe) which creates the various things. We soon forget about God. This is the danger of human culture. Actually, to create with the Big I is to give. We cannot create and own what we create for ourselves, since everything is created by God. This point should not be forgotten. But because we do forget who is doing the creating, and the reason for the creation, we become attached to the material or exchange value. This has no value in comparison to the absolute value of something as God’s creation. Even though something has no material or relative value to any small I (that would be a person) it has absolute value in itself . Not to be attached to something is to be aware of its absolute value. Everything you do should be based on such an awareness, and not on material or self-centered ideas of value.

“There are perhaps three kinds of creation. The first is to be aware of ourselves. This is the first step in creation. When you are there, everything else is there, everything is created all at once. When we emerge from nothing, when everything emerges from nothing, we see it all as a fresh new creation (every moment new). The second kind of creation is when you act, or produce,or prepare something, like food or tea. The third kind is to create something within yourself, such as education or culture or art, or some system for our society. So there are three kinds of creation, but if you forget the first, the other two will be like children who have lost their parents. Their creation will mean nothing.

“Usually, everyone forgets about the first creation. Everyone forgets about God. We work very hard at the second and third kinds of creation, but God does not help the activity. How is it possible for God to help something that he cannot recognize as part of himself? That is why we have so many problems in this world. When we forget the fundamental source of our creating, we are like children who do not know what to do when they lose their parents.”

This book is copyrighted. The publisher is Weatherhill and I sincerely hope they don’t mind that I have taken out and slightly modified for clarity this bit that begins on page 66 of “Zen Mind; Beginners Mind,” authored by Shunryu Suzuki.

Bare Bones Biology 103 – God and Creation
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Recommended References
Zen Mind; Beginners Mind

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