It’s Spring

Clearly it is spring. This magnificent tree, outside the window of the peach clubhouse, is blooming heavily, and the fine old oak in the front yard was this morning full of probably a couple of hundred migrating Cedar Waxwings that were taking turns at the puddle of water by the road. I hope this early manifestation doesn’t presage another season without fruits, as happened last year when the fruit trees blossomed during a season when there were no insects to pollinate them. No grapes, no plums, not even my tame trees bore fruit, though I tried pollinating by hand. It was a sad year, not only because it was such a hard one, but because it probably is the first of a trend toward disruption of life cycles by the challenges of climate and chemical contamination.

On the brighter side is a book by Annie entitled “Love, my Search for Truth.” An almost local author, Annie was in Barnes and Noble signing her book. Maybe she will be back tomorrow, I don’t know, but the book will be, and of course it interested me deeply that we both are looking for “the truth in the matrix of all religions.” We are in good company. My other current favorite book is “Beyond Religion” by HH The Dalai Lama. I think it’s a good sign. Great minds and all that.

Someone please tell me what kind of tree this is. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

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