Bitsy’s expressions are easy to read

When she is driving her car from the passenger seat Bitsy has this self-satisfied look, interested in everything, but looking down upon it all, as from a throne. You can see the half-smile in this picture taken while she was in charge of watching the road and I was in charge of driving.

Then we stopped and the stranger got in the car, and I made Bitsy give up her seat and move to the back. She worried about that, trying to decide — who knows what dogs are trying to decide, but sometimes they sneak up behind and nip strangers, and she can be aggressive, so I wanted to be careful. I told her very firmly that she must stay back there and behave. She ducked her head and scrunched down in the seat.

About halfway to our destination (do you think she knows I can see her in the mirror? I had stopped watching) she sneaked around the right side of the passenger seat and licked the stranger three times on the arm, then quick as a flash she was back in her place, sitting upright and looking unusually smug, and she stayed there for the rest of the drive.


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