Why People Don’t Understand whatever they don’t understand, part five

10. Teaching. The ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher was told she would have to charge for ESL lessons or the students “wouldn’t appreciate it.” Riiiiigggghhht. It is usually necessary to speak English to get a job in this town, the students need a job to feed their children — and she believes they aren’t going to appreciate it? What world is she living in? Our world. A world where only rich people count and everything is measured by money.

And what will be the result? The students may or may not learn English, but they are certain to learn that Americans only care about money or about who is winning, and that is measured by money. And they, the students, will have to do whatever it takes to be a winner if they want to be accepted in our culture.

I thought I was quite restrained in my response to that idea. I said: “I disagree.” I didn’t hear anyone ask me why. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever asked me why the Peach Clubhouse. Not, that is not true. Two people specifically asked me what it is about. I had a hard time answering and it set me thinking; that’s a good thing. Otherwise anyone who cared must have just assumed that I believe what they believe, in spite of everything I have written (see number three above), they believe that I believe in the validity of our toxic culture.

So – everyone who participates IS alone in this culture of competition. We CAN’T listen to anyone else or even to our own deepest human gifts — and still be a winner in our culture. It’s our prime directive. It’s the price we pay.

11. Science. Have you noticed that the corposystem has all the scientists working for itself? Good jobs, too. Not like the jobs they give to most of us. The corposystem will jump at the chance to use good science to make money. And then it turns around to the public, the voters, and bad-mouths good science and prevents the media from showing good science and attacks it in the schools, even at college level. You probably are a product of this kind of education, so it will be difficult for you to understand the point. What we are teaching is about people – not about science. We are teaching nature study and social sciences (including religion and anthropology, physiology, anatomy) – all of which is homo-centric, and we are even trying to re-interpret physics on PBS. We are teaching that humans are at the center of the universe, and it simply is not true. And then the corposystem uses the uninformed opinions of the students/general public to silence the scientists by teaching the students that all opinions are equal. Nonsense. All opinions are not equal. See number 8 above (or below if you are reading this on the blog).

And the scientist is taught: “Don’t bother trying to explain it to them, they can’t understand it anyhow.” That’s an actual quote from an actual third-grade teacher years ago in South Carolina. Not about science, though, about “niggers.” Same phenomenon.

So at the same time the corporations are using good science to make money – pills and weapons and the like – they are brainwashing the public to hate both science and scientists — just watch how everyone treats me if I admit that I am a scientist — and chasing the scientists into the laboratory where they are safe from propaganda. And it’s working. We now have teachers who have been taught bad science, most (I am told) of our science graduate students are drawn from other countries where the information has not died, and the next generation of our home-bred teachers will not understand or believe in real science if the corposystem continues to induce the school systems to teach the corpo-curriculum.

And yet, without understanding how things work, we cannot have clean air and water, good rich earth, and food.

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