Why People Don’t Understand (whatever it is that they don’t understand) – Part One

1. They don’t want to-

2. They are too busy talking about themselves.

3. They don’t listen. We change words into something that we want to hear. Or anything that is inside the acceptable mantra. My entire life goal is to not be inside the acceptable mantra unless being inside would be more compassionate and useful than being outside (which is rare). But often what I say is not heard because statements that are outside the acceptable mantra get changed into something that is acceptable, without people even knowing they are doing it – inside the mantra, they sound like nonsense. For example, the below:

The tragedy is that the acceptable mantra is most often the nonsense – that’s why the corposystem wants us to believe it. So they can keep all the real facts to themselves to make money with, and we don’t have real facts to challenge them with. Because there is nothing more powerful than real facts in a real biological world. And we can’t get out of the real biological world. In this life.

4. They are afraid. I have not yet figured out what they are afraid of – probably a whole pile of things including each other, because our corposystem works hard at making everyone afraid of something, but minimally there is no doubt that most people in this community are afraid of asking questions, and nobody can understand anything without asking questions.