So I ended up with two tickets to the Progressive Forum to see and hear Bill Moyers, and I couldn’t give away the second one so I left it at the ticket office and they gave it to someone who arrived just a bit late. He said a very nice thank you and hope nothing is wrong (with the missing person) and other than that seemed to be a bit afraid that I was trying to pull something, and he ran as fast as he could at the end. But hey, I had an extra seat almost in the front — would you want to tear it up? Anyhow, that’s not the point. The point is that when he arrived he told me why the helicopters were flying about overhead for the last couple hours. DRAT, it was Occupy Houston, apparently about 4 blocks away and here I am with my camera and the closest I got was the picture above.

Bill Moyers says he is not cut out for retirement and will begin a new series in January on PBS. Call your local station, this is one of the few honorable purveyors of good information that we have left in our country. Check his website for more info. And don’t forget the Progressive Forum is one of our local treasures.

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